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Marketing Advice from the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama on Facebook I noticed something really interesting while watching a video from his holiness the Dalai Lama today.

If you look at his Facebook page you'll notice there is post, either video or written content, created every day.

Of course, the Dalai Lama is beyond passionate about his life, work and the Tribe that follows him.

He inspires us all with his wisdom, advice and beautiful point of view.

AND he's using social media to get his message out on a daily basis.

How about the rest of us?

Can we learn from the Dalai Lama and have such a deep passion for our message that we want to share it every day?

If not, why not? Perhaps we should.

How to Feel Really Good Today

Happiness It’s really easy to feel really good. Or it’s impossible. The choice is always yours.

One thing is for certain. The feeling of hopefulness, which leads to feeling really good today, comes from both mindset and activity.

Here’s what I mean.

As far as mindset goes; human beings seem to be most happy when focused on the moment at hand. When you focus on the past, anxiety becomes the ruler of your day. When you focus on the future, worry and stress often spring up.

All it takes to reverse the tide of anxiety and stress is to be aware of where your attentions are placed.

What I’m suggesting is to “catch” yourself thinking about past and future events. Then redirect those thoughts to the present moment, right now.

Stop for a minute and give it shot. Let go of thoughts of the past. Let go of thoughts of the future. What’s happening right at this moment?

Now, notice how the tightness in solar plexus relaxes.

Notice how your shoulder tightness loosens.

How do you feel?

If you’re like most people, when you focus on the present moment, you’ll immediately feel more peaceful and relaxed.

The reason you feel more at ease is because you can do something right now to affect the present moment. You can actually create a new outcome, whatever that may be.

This idea takes us to the next thing you can do today to feel really good.

Once you see the present moment clearly, you can take an action step that gives you hope.

Once you understand what needs to be done right now to create an outcome you desire, take a deep breath and act in spite of any perceived fears, doubts or limitations.

When you do, you’ll feel hopeful. That hopeful feeling will create a positive mindset. Your positive mindset will influence the effectiveness of the action you take.

One small success leads to a slighter bigger success. A slightly bigger success grows bigger too. Eventually, you have the outcome you desire.

“How can I do that again?”

Simply by focusing on the present moment now, understand what needs to be done and act in spite of your fears and doubts to create a small outcome you desire.

But don’t take my word for it. Instead, just follow the advice in the paragraph above. Then leave a comment to let us all know what occurred for you.

The comment line is open. What was your experience?