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You’re Struggling Because You’re Bored

Bored-Business-ManJPG As you might imagine, I talk to many entrepreneurs and small business owners that are struggling. So I looked into the cause of struggle.

Beyond inaction, the most significant reason for struggle is boredom.

If you are bored with your business right now or if you wake up wishing that you were doing anything else but what you have to do today then consider the possibility that this struggle is there for a reason.

You’re struggling to inspire you to seek out and live your passion.

How can you understand your passion to end the struggle?

It take some ‘inner work’ to gain a broader perspective. Start by asking yourself, “What is my vision?” In other words, what value am I creating to impact the lives of others in a positive way.

In talking to many entrepreneurs and small business owners in the course of any given week I have learned that the hardest question for them to answer is, “What has to happen in the next 3 years for you to feel really happy with your progress in business?”

They have never really thought of where they are headed and where happiness resides for them.

This creates a vicious cycle.

No vision means a lack of passion. When you have a passionate vision it’s easy to know what you want to create to gain happiness over the next 3 years.

This lack of passion creates a limited, small, survival vision. If you suffer from this your vision of the future is unclear.

Lack of clarity means sticking with what you’ve been doing whether it works or not.

Most of the time sticking with what you have been doing does not work so you keep spinning your wheels, struggling with low to no results.

But don’t feel bad about it. We all do this at various times in our life.

This struggle generally provides you with the inspiration to seek more. It can be catalyst for growth if you recognize it as such.

Passion allows vision to grow and become bigger.

When you are passionate about something you truly care about you want to reach out and tell everyone who will listen. Often, this leads to bigger vision thinking.

This expanded perspective inspires you to look at your business in a broader way.

For example, instead of thinking only of your local market you may tend to think of ways you can reach a nationwide or even worldwide audience with your message.

With this broader perspective you begin to realize and achieve your greatest purpose in life and business.

It all starts in one simple place.

All you have to do is:

Realize why you are bored.

Understand your true vision and passion.

Think beyond the small survival vision you may be embracing today.

Then expand your passion onto the world to accomplish your greatest purpose.