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The Power of Passion in Business

Adding Heart and Soul to Your Small Business

HeartLowRes In today's world, business as usual is usually no longer enough to create the result you’re hoping for.

Instead, being authentically you, having a true desire to impact the lives of your clients and prospects and sharing your hard won knowledge and true talent is the way you'll attract interest and build a following (now called a Tribe).

It all starts by showcasing the heart and soul of your personal brand (you).

Here are the first the steps to take to bring out the true and authentic you in business.

Step # 1 is awareness. How does the value you've created impact the lives of others.

If you don’t have the words your clients use to describe this value ask them. Don’t guess or rely on your own opinion.

You can easily see your authentic self through the eyes of another person. Growth is not possible without input from others.

Step # 2 is realization. Is your work really a passion you feel from your heart or is it a way to make money you invented in your head?

It’s important to realize that thinking from the heart brings out your greatest creative potential.

If the value you provide is strictly a money mechanism you are probably not using the full range of your talents, knowledge and passion in business. If that’s the case, get help to see a broader perspective.

Step # 3 is strategy. How will you spread the word (marketing)? Who has a reason to care (niche)? Why should they listen to you (created value)?

Strategy and the related tactics are where educational or content marketing comes in. That’s one place social media marketing can soar.

It helps you spread the word to a large group, build a Tribe and begin to position yourself as a thought leader in your niche; whether that niche is local, regional, national or international in scope.

It goes without saying that without action the heart and soul of your personal brand is never heard.

We live in a physical world governed by the laws of physics. Thoughts and intention only become tangible when physical action moves them forward to create a physical result.

So understand the methods you’ll use. Know the reason a Tribe of people will follow you.

Then start attracting them with your passion, talent and knowledge, which is the foundation of your authentic personal brand.

Once you have a new client, care about them. Educate, communicate from your heart and make a difference in each of their lives. Be committed to their results more than the money you earn from the interaction.

When you do, referrals will be forthcoming. The more people you impact in this way the more people will talk about you. That’s really the untold ‘secret’ of word of mouth marketing. 

When the value you provide comes from the heart, rather than from the ulterior motive of profit, it will be seen as authentic (because it is).

Then a Tribe will gather around you to gain the value you provide. When they do, you’ll be one step closer to accomplishing your heartfelt purpose in both your work and your life.