How to Create Happiness in Business and Life?
Energy is more important than strategy

Why Should You Have Joy in Your Heart?

HeartLowRes I was watching a performance by Carrie Underwood recently and noticed something very interesting.

Carrie was great but what struck me most was her back-up singer.

She had so much joy in her heart that her energy just exuded from the stage. She was obviously into it, happy to be there and singing her heart out; just loving what she was doing.

What can you and I learn from that?  

The biggest thing to realize is that if you do whatever you do with joy in your heart you'll connect with both yourself and others in a much deeper and more fulfilling way.

When you connect with yourself on a deeper level, you'll gain broader perspective. That broader perspective provides hope and, as a result, makes you feel happier.

When you connect with others with joy instead of a "putting up with them" mindset you'll build richer and deeper relationships.

You'll stand head-and-shoulders above the rest who have a "getting through the day" mentality.

You'll enjoy each day more and be more productive (and profitable) as a result.

But most of all, you'll love your life more. You'll be happier and feel more fulfilled.

Just for today, take a look at why you have reason to be filled with joy.

Take 15 minutes today to quickly write down:  
  • 10 things you are grateful for in your life. (4 minutes)
  • All the things you love about the work you do. Yes, I know, there are things you don't like too. But for now, focus on what you DO like. See it and experience how that feels. (4 minutes)
  • And to complete you list, write down the single greatest value you have created in your work that enhances the lives of other people. (3 minutes).
No matter what you do, there is something you do that adds value to the life of someone else. Write it down.

Then sit back for a few minutes or reflect on your list. (4 minutes)

Be happy for all you have.

Feel the lightness in your heart for the things you love about your work and your life. Know that what you do matters and makes a difference in the life of someone else.

Then take that attitude into your day.

See if you can be more like Carrie Underwood's back-up singer and not as much as the worried, stressed out person you may be today.