Energy is more important than strategy
How to Catch an Idea

What my new dog taught me about business

Scotch Hero Shot Cropped I recently adopted a new dog after 2 years without one. When I adopted him I decided to follow the "dog psychology" training methods of the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan (

Interestingly enough Cesar's methods rely on your personal energy with the dog. So keep that in mind as we relate this idea to your small business.

If you're angry, over excited, too timid or frightened, the dog picks up on your energy an acts in ways we might call misbehaving.

However, if you are calm and assertive the dog does pretty much anything you want them to do.

 I've found this to work really well and it has gotten my new dog use to his new home in a very short time.

How does all this relate to business?

Think about your personal energy and use Cesar's ideas in a business setting.

If you're angry, those around you (co-workers, clients and people in your network for example) tend to avoid you. No one wants to be around someone who is upset.

It's the same with fear, uncertainty, doubt, disbelief and other strong emotions. Your emotions project energy and people pick up on it, just like your dog does.

Use this idea.

The next time you're conducting a sales call, be confident that you have something of value to offer.

Plan what you're going to cover in the sales call in advance so you exhibit knowledgeable authority.

Then just deliver your message in a calm yet assertive way.

See how your qualified prospect reacts. Chances are they will follow your lead and be much more receptive. The secret is to remain calm and assertive.

The energy you project has a strong relationship to the results you obtain.

Try it today and see the difference in sales, employee/co-worker relationships, client interactions and your own success and achievement mindset.