Content is King, BUT...
You’re Struggling Because You’re Bored

I’m Proposing a Revolution of Happiness in Business

Revolution-Badge A Revolution is significant changes brought on by a group or mass of people with the goal of changing the status quo and as a result make a lasting change over a circumstance.

How do you create a revolution?

Step one is by being a heretic.

A heretic is someone who has ideas that are unique and different than that of the status quo. Heretics make status quo thinkers uncomfortable because they represent change. In this time in history change is feared but is also required.

Step two is developing a tribe.

A Tribe is nothing more than a group of like minded people who come together in mutual support. Their goal is to inspire, motivate and assist others in utilizing and spreading the word about the grounding principles of the idea/value that brings them together.

Step three is spread the word.

Many people create a value that impacts the lives of others then spread that value through the concept of “production”.

Production is the action you take to share the value you created with people who can benefit and want that value the most.

What keeps you from creating a revolution to gain the life and business experience you truly want?

If you’re like many, the mentality of scarcity and poverty is what’s holding you back.

While usually seen in relationship to money, scarcity and poverty are first  experienced on the heart/feeling level through a lack of connection to the present moment.

You are experiencing poverty when you live in the past or future, projecting a fear based outcome and thus creating that fear in the present moment.

It occurs when you fear focusing on the present moment and seeing the true picture of what is, without judgment. This generally results in failing to take an action to resolve the situation.

When you live in fear of the past and worry about the future you are truly living in a state of scarcity and poverty. Only by focusing on the present moment consistently will you truly gain the joy and abundance you are seeking in life.

So let’s create a revolution of happiness in business together NOW.

Let’s look at what you do to create values that impact others and analyze how you truly feel about it.

Do you feel in your heart that you use the full range of your true talent, knowledge and passion to create a value that greatly impacts the lives of others?

You’ll know if this is how you feel for sure because you won’t be able to contain your message. You will want to share it far and wide.

Your passion will be your sales arm and your true heartfelt belief in the value you provide will be the most effective marketing you have ever created.

If you struggle in being part of this revolution of happiness and service to others call on me.

 I’ll be happy to be the mirror that assists you in seeing your greatest gifts. I’ll inspire you to gain clarity and take action to live a happier and more abundant life.

And I’ll do that with you whenever you are ready. All you have to do is ask.