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Success is NOT the Goal

GrowthWEBSmall business and careers are often viewed in a linear way. They are seen as success or failure, profitable or unprofitable, enjoyable or drudgery.

If you're looking at your business in such limited ways, that view really hampers your ability to see the big picture.

The big picture is simple to understand but easy to forget when you’re in the midst of day-to-day activity.

Big picture thinking shows that your business should be a reflection of the “total you”: your knowledge, talent, passion, values, personality and life desires, in any moment.

So the actual goal is to create a business that supports you in living the life you desire. It’s really not at all about just creating success.

It starts with taking responsibility.

Creating a business that supports the “total you” starts with taking responsibility for realizing what you want to achieve in your life.

Notice I said life.

If you’re just developing a business to “succeed,” it's too shallow of a goal and won’t be satisfying to you. Start your business planning with your life desires first.

Now I’m not talking about the surface “stuff” that pops into mind quickly (by default), like new cars, a bigger house, tons of money or big bank accounts. Those are not things that really motivate us as human beings. They are things that sedate us into settling for being less than we can actually be.

Beneath that default surface thinking is a desire for an understanding of the deeper essence of ‘self’.

Things like great relationships, life's meaning, contribution to others and the world, a peaceful mind and heart, work that feeds your passions and nourishes your soul and the freedom/abundance to enjoy it all fully now.

By abundance, I’m not talking just about money. You can have an abundance of time, resources, friends, family, money, enjoyable activities, freedom, personal growth and many other things that are far more valuable than cash alone.

It’s just a matter of deciding and taking responsibility for achieving your vision of life and business. It’s that simple.

Know that success is a surface desire. Just below that surface are your true wants and the real reasons why you have created a business or career in the first place.

Awareness is step one. Clarity is step two. Purposeful action is step three.

If you're struggling with achieving awareness, clarity and purposeful action, call on me. I’ll be there to help you build awareness and create so much more than just success alone.  

After all, my passion and talent is helping you use your passion and talent to create a happy life and a business you love that makes a difference in the world.

What are your passions in life and business?

The comment line is open. Will you share your passions with us?