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The Power of Passion in Business

The next entry in my interview series called The Power of Passion in Business is with Mike Klassen, the Magalog Guy. You can listen to Mike's interview by clicking on the audio player below.

Mike Klassen, MagalogGuy

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What is The Power of Passion in Business?

I created this series to provide ideas and inspiration on how powerful and effective passion is when used as a value-sharing, business-building/sales and marketing element. 

Passion is vital to entrepreneurs because most people in business have a hard time selling and promoting what they do in general. However, when passion is added to the mix, even the most introverted people will scream their offer from every roof top they can find.

The reason? They have to. The passion is so strong in their hearts that they have no other choice but to share it with others.

In this interview you’ll meet an entrepreneur who is making a difference in the lives of other entrepreneurs named Mike Klassen.

Mike works with innovative companies in a variety of industries, helping them to drive sales interest and shorten sales closing time by producing compelling sales and marketing materials, including:  Magalogs, sales letters, books and other unique materials.

Listen to and enjoy this installment of The Power of Passion in Business featuring Mike Klassen, the Magalog Guy here:

Mike Klassen, MagalogGuy

Consciously Create Your Outcomes

CutOutofIconWEB Are you the pilot of your life and business or are you really living and working on auto pilot?

If you’re just allowing events to throw you to and fro you are not actively participating in the creative process of your life experience.

How do you actively participate? How can you creatively control your outcomes?

All you have to do is consciously decide what you want, allow the totality of your being to envision and feel the result through the power of your imagination, then work backwards from the end result to paint the steps moving forward.

Author Mark Hamilton in his Neo-Tech workbooks calls this activity “Integrated Power Thinking.”

Try it with something small.

Decide what you want in a small area of your life.

Mentally picture what achieving the result will look like in your life.

Feel the experience by imaging vividly what achieving this particular experience will do for you. How does it enrich your life? What does that enrichment feel like?

Then look at your end result and ask yourself, “What happened just before the end result occurred. Then what happened before that and before that.” Continue until you get to where you are today.

Now all you have to do is write down the steps you envisioned and follow them, starting from where you are now.

Realize that you must take physical action to ensure you create the outcomes you envision.

But when you combine the subconscious with the conscious mind and throw in inspired action you are now intentionally creating your outcomes.

One helpful tool that I love for this kind of backward target planning is Simpleology 101. Try it.

You’ll have to dedicate 15 minutes a day to gain what could be life changing results. Try it for free and let know what difference you see in the next 15 days.

The Greatest Things to Understand in 2010 and Beyond

LightBlubCroppedWEB The greatest things you can understand right now focus on you.

To really use this idea you need to go on a journey of self-discovery.

The goal is to get to the core of your personal strengths and the impact those strengths have on others.

Let’s start with the #1 thing we all want; happiness.

To be truly happy in business (and life) it’s important for you to create from a deeper level than just rational thought. You must come from your heart and use feelings combined with thinking to know the full range of your strengths.

The 3 things to focus on are:

1.  What talent do you have in your business that makes you unique? You are the only person who can have your unique talent and perspective. Understanding it will help you find greater satisfaction in what you are doing today.

2. What specialized knowledge do you have that can help other people (your clients) solve their problems more efficiently and completely than they could on their own?

3. Where is your passion? Is it still there or have you lost it? If your true and authentic passion is there, you have the potential to be truly great at what you do. If passion is missing, finding it could be the most profitable thing you do to build your business this year.

The reason these 3 things are the cornerstone of success today is that people gravitate toward people who are talented, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.

When you engage your greatest talent, knowledge and passion in any business, you unleash a viral marketing power that attracts people almost magnetically.

The next greatest thing to understand.

Understanding how to use your talent, knowledge and passion to add value to the lives of others is vital to using this idea successfully.

Start by filling in the blank; “The value my clients receive from my greatest talent, knowledge and passion is _____”

Then tell people what that value is. Make it easy to understand.

In my case, I might say, “My talent is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners use their talent, knowledge and passion to create balance, satisfaction and profit with freedom in a life and business they can love.”

That’s what excites and motivates me. Now what excites and motivates you?

The last thing that is among the greatest things to understand right now is this; the most important thing you can do every day is share your gifts with people who don’t know you in a way that helps them get what they want out of life and business.

This week focus on yourself first. Understand the depth of your knowledge. Realize your talent. Admit your passion for what you do. Learn to express these things in credible, heartfelt words.

Then share it with people who do not know about you yet.

Don’t sell me. Tell me the value I’ll gain from listening to you. Help me realize how you’ll assist me to achieve my greatest goals in business and life. Make it easy for me to reach my greatest goals by listening to you.

When you do, you’ll attract new clients effortlessly and be much happier in your business than you may be today.