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The Power of Passion in Business

The next entry in my interview series called The Power of Passion in Business is with Kevin Mogavero, the president of Six Degrees Leadership. You can listen to Kevin's interview by clicking on the audio player below.

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Kevin-Mogavero-WEB Kevin Mogavero
President, Six Degrees Leadership

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What is The Power of Passion in Business?

I created this series to provide ideas and inspiration on how powerful and effective passion is when used as a value-sharing, business-building/sales and marketing element.  

Passion is vital to entrepreneurs because most people in business have a hard time selling and promoting what they do in general. However, when passion is added to the mix, even the most introverted people will scream their offer from every roof top they can find.

The reason? They have to. The passion is so strong in their hearts that they have no other choice but to share it with others.

In this interview you’ll meet an entrepreneur who is making a difference in the lives of other entrepreneurs named Kevin Mogavero.

Kevin has developed a system to educate people on real, practical leadership.

Kevin tells us, "In a single phrase all leadership boils down to having effective relationships.  The study of evaluating the effectiveness of relationships is called Social Capital, by far the most important type of capital there is.  The foundation of the education is hunger or as most people might say, desire or passion!" 

Listen to and enjoy this installment of The Power of Passion in Business featuring Kevin Mogavero, President, Six Degrees Leadership here:

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