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Are You Struggling with Juggling

JugglingWEB For any small business owner or entrepreneur there is always so much to do and so little time.

Let’s face it, in any given day you have to deliver services, respond to client requests, sell, market, attend meetings, take care of the ‘fires’ that pop up every day and the list goes on and on.

Is the answer to just accept it and continue juggling and struggling as you always have or do you consider new ideas to make changes?

Personally, I’d recommend the change route. Here’s why.

At the start of everyday you make a conscious choice. That choice is keep doing what you’ve been doing and get similar results or do something different and expand your expression of business and even of life.

Most people struggle with juggling for one simple reason; they lack the ability to prioritize effectively.

What’s most important?

Well, for most businesses marketing (outreach to attract interest) and sales (converting attraction into money) is most important because without sales there is no revenue and without revenue there is no business.

Yet sales and marketing is often the lowest priority in most business owner’s day.

Next most important activity is client-care. Why? Because happy clients buy again and refer people they know to your offer. Take good care of clients and they will take better care of you.

Yet client-care is often neglected and but on a back burner for the “when I have time to get to it” priority stage.

After that, delivering your service to exceed client expectations and meet budgets and deadlines while delivering exceptional value is the next priority.

Yet, sometimes you may shortcut this phase because you are too busy with other priorities.

When prioritizing your day ask yourself this question:

What’s more important than generating revenue to keep your business running strong, maintaining past client contact to keep your business in front-of-mind to people who can buy again and refer (often called the ‘low hanging fruit’) and delivering exceptional service the exceeds client expectations?

Well, I actually can’t think of anything more important.

So set up today’s priority list this way.

1. Create marketing touches and reach into the market to generate at least 1 new sales opportunity.

2. Call that client you have been meaning to call for a while and check in. Make sure your last project is still producing results for them and find out what they are challenged by right now. Ask who else you should be talking to that needs the same kind of help they did.

3. Take a little extra time to make the project you’re working on today exceptional. Good is fine but exceptional creates brand buzz and builds businesses.

After that, let the major juggling resume.

Quantum Physics and Business

24002043einsteinemcposters Where Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is the study of the huge, like the Universe, Quantum Physics is the study of the minute, unobservable with the human eye.

The ultimate goal of Quantum Physics is to find the Theory of Everything, which ties together the huge with the minute to create a total understanding of how physical life works.

This was one of Einstein’s primary goals. While he did not achieve it, his theories in this area opened the door to new thinking that inspires scientists to this day.

The conclusions gained in Quantum Physics are something everyone in business can benefit from to grow.

Today we’ll look at the theory of the “Observer.”

In Quantum Physics the discussion is that physical experience does not occur until a human being comes into the “pattern” and creates a reality with their thoughts, focus and intention.

In 1910, Wallace Wattles wrote a book called The Science of Getting Rich. In that book, he called the pattern “the formless substance.”

Wattles wrote, “Thought is the only power which can produce tangible riches from the formless substance. The stuff from which all things are made is a substance which thinks, and a thought of form in this substance produces the form.

“Original substance moves according to its thoughts; every form and process you see in nature is the visible expression of a thought in original substance.”

Experiences then are the culmination of you, the conscious Observer, stepping into the pattern and impacting it with your thought and intention energy to create/experience an outcome or result.

Let’s think about that as far as your business goes.

I talk to people on a regular basis who tell me they are struggling. They worry about a business slowdown; they don’t have a full enough sales pipeline and nowhere near enough money coming in consistently.

They worry and struggle. What does that create in the pattern?

Worry and struggle would be the correct answer.

How do you change that?

Change it by observing and impacting the pattern with new ideas. Start by building awareness.

When you wake up in the morning, what you are actually doing, from the Quantum Physics perspective, is stepping into the pattern.

It’s a void at that moment of awakening. Everything is possible yet nothing exists until the Observer creates something with their thoughts and intention energy.

The next time you are participating in an activity that is going to impact your business, think of yourself as the Observer.

Then ask, “What is the outcome I am creating right now in this energy (experience) I am observing?”

Set the intention, don’t waiver from it and don’t be attached to the outcome. Just project the outcome you want and observe the result.

If you aren’t able to create the result you want, realize that you had a block in this area. Do it again another time. Observe the experience with this new awareness.

Always realize that you, the Observer, are creating outcomes based on your thoughts, intentions and energy projected into situations.

When you’re mindful of that, you can choose to bring different energy to those experiences. Eventually, you’ll learn to create the outcomes you desire instead of those you wish you could change.


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The Power of Passion in Business

The next entry in my interview series called The Power of Passion in Business is with Kevin Mogavero, the president of Six Degrees Leadership. You can listen to Kevin's interview by clicking on the audio player below.

You can also download Kevin's interview to share with others at

Kevin-Mogavero-WEB Kevin Mogavero
President, Six Degrees Leadership

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Learn more about Kevin Mogavero and his Six Degrees Leadership mission at

What is The Power of Passion in Business?

I created this series to provide ideas and inspiration on how powerful and effective passion is when used as a value-sharing, business-building/sales and marketing element.  

Passion is vital to entrepreneurs because most people in business have a hard time selling and promoting what they do in general. However, when passion is added to the mix, even the most introverted people will scream their offer from every roof top they can find.

The reason? They have to. The passion is so strong in their hearts that they have no other choice but to share it with others.

In this interview you’ll meet an entrepreneur who is making a difference in the lives of other entrepreneurs named Kevin Mogavero.

Kevin has developed a system to educate people on real, practical leadership.

Kevin tells us, "In a single phrase all leadership boils down to having effective relationships.  The study of evaluating the effectiveness of relationships is called Social Capital, by far the most important type of capital there is.  The foundation of the education is hunger or as most people might say, desire or passion!" 

Listen to and enjoy this installment of The Power of Passion in Business featuring Kevin Mogavero, President, Six Degrees Leadership here:

Kevin Mogavero PoPiB Intrv