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Why Has Anyone Ever Failed?

IStock_000003492530XSmall The only reason anyone has ever failed is they didn't take action when it was most needed.

They sat on the sidelines trying to figure out what to do or they took the wrong action and it cost them dearly.

If failure was the consequence, why did they do that?

There are really only a couple of reasons:

# 1 They didn't know what action to take

# 2 They didn't trust their own knowledge and personal intuition in moving forward

# 3 They looked at their options for so long they became paralyzed. This is often called analysis paralysis. Many people suffer from it.

What’s the solution?

OPTION 1: Read, study and figure out what to do on your own. Many people try this path and end up frustrated and still not figuring out what to do.

Figuring out what to do on your own is probably the most expensive method. The reason is it takes a very long time. You're losing opportunities as you do that so the cost can be in the tens of thousands of dollars or even more.

OPTION 2: Hire someone to help you. That could be a consultant or a coach. Having a knowledge expert show you what to do will help you create a personal path and consistent process to follow in days, weeks or months instead of months, years or never.

The cost may be in the thousands but the pay back or ROI can be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

So what makes the most sense to you?

Spend tens of thousands of dollars figuring out what to do on your own.

Or spend thousands of dollars and receive tens of thousands of dollars in new revenue back in ROI.

It’s kind of like asking, if I give you give me a dime and I give you $2.00 back would you consider that a good deal?

Your comments are welcome.

Your Knowledge Footprint Online

Content-Marketing-WEB Why do people buy from you?

One reason is you offer value that a buyer decided they want to exchange money for.

Another reason is you were able to understand your prospects problem and show them a path that created a solution.

But the biggest reason people buy from you is trust. Your prospect thought you knew what you were talking about and decided to trust you.

Your knowledge gave you the credibility to gain the trust of your new client.

With that being said, why don’t you share your knowledge broadly?

I’m sure you know there’s this place called the “internet” where you can share your ideas with thousands of people for no to low cost.

You can also use your knowledge-driven content to elaborate on points made in a sales letter or proposal.

Who would you hire?:

Seller # 1 says, we’re the best. We’ve helped A, B and C and a lot of other companies just like yours. We can help you too.

Seller # 2 says, we’ve helped A, B and C and many other companies like yours solve ___ problem by doing X, Y and Z. In fact, here’s an article I wrote about how to solve problem X, a video that provides my ideas on overcoming challenge Y and an interview I did where I was helping (niche market) understand the best practices for dealing with Z.

Who has the most credibility? Who seems like they know what they are talking about? Who would you want to trust with your budget?

I think we can all agree that the knowledge based marketer has a distinct advantage. 

What is your knowledge footprint online today?

To find out, go to Google and type in your name. Then in a separate search type in your company name. What came up?

The number of hits can give you a rough idea of your knowledge footprint online.

What would happen if your client did that same search? How much more credible would you be if there were 1,000’s of entries that talked about you and/or your company?

You would seem like a credible expert. Plus you would have the added bonus of people finding you when searching for topics related to your knowledge. You can even add this content to your Web site for added SEO potential.

So when you wonder is content creation worth the effort. Or when you question whether or not you should take the time to spread your ideas on a blog, Facebook, Linked In, Squidoo and Twitter consider your knowledge footprint online.

How much more credible could you be right now? How much more could you sell with knowledgeable expert credibility on your side?

The Most Important Thing You Can Do

Storybook-WEB Life and your small business intertwine in so many different ways. What happens in your small business will affect you personally, which then impacts other aspects of your life.

With that being the case, it’s very important that the work you do is based on a passion you have for helping other people.

You’ll never find satisfaction from your work until you tap into that passion and understand the true value you’ve created and how it helps others achieve what they want out of life.

I have learned over the years that businesses that start with a heartfelt, personal story tend to do better.

The reason is people who hear the story resonate with it because it’s authentic. It’s based on how the owner of the business “feels” about the work she or he does.

This type of story resonates deeply with other people because it’s genuine and from the heart.

As a result, creating a story that is authentically your own is the most important thing you can do to find greater satisfaction from your work life.

Of course, when you’re happier in your work life you tend to be happier in your personal life as well.

How do you create your own Authentic Story?

It’s really easy. Start by taking out a paper and pen and get ready to write. Do that now, we’re really going to do this exercise together.

I’ll wait for a minute while you get your pen and paper out.

First, remember, this is not an exercise where you think. This is an exercise where you FEEL.

As you’re doing this exercise don’t think of the answer. Instead, write down the first thing you feel that just pops into your mind.

Remember, don’t think. Feel and then write the first thing that comes to you.

DEAL? Good.

First question; what was the greatest problem other people had that you set out to solve when you started your business?

Write down your answer in one minute or less.

What was it about the business you started that really resonated with you when you decided to begin? This would be the one thing that really helped you achieve the momentum needed to launch your enterprise.

Again, write down your answer in one minute or less.

What is the impact or result that your best clients gain when they engage your service or purchase your product?

One more time, write down your answer in one minute or less.

Now combine the problem with the thing that resonated with you most and the impact or result your best clients achieve and you have created your personal Authentic Story.

Now share your Authentic Story with people who are interested in your offer.

Notice the positive difference expressing your heartfelt story makes on your sales and marketing efforts. People will find you more credible.

If you struggle with doing exercise, call on me.

I’ll help you develop your Authentic Story in 15 minutes or less. No cost, my gift to you if you’re someone who needs help with expressing their heartfelt story in business.

You can request help here.

Or email me your completed story to and I’ll post the best few stories I receive on my blog, with your business name and link to your Web site.

Let's share our passion and Authentic Stories to add value to the lives of others.

Are you with me?