The Power of Passion in Business
The Most Important Thing You Can Do

Your Personal Marketing Mix

Marketing-Mix-Target-Audien There are 100’s if not 1,000’s of ideas you can use to market any small business. Some cost money, some are free, and some work quickly, some work over time and some don't work at all.

However, when deciding on what to add to your personal marketing mix bag of tricks there is one vital factor that you must consider.

That vital factor is the only marketing that will really work is marketing that you are willing to commit to and accomplish consistently.

If you’re passionate about the business that you’re in, you’ll want to share your message frequently. That’s great because marketing works best when it’s frequent, anticipated and relevant.

When you send marketing materials, edutise and instead of advertise.

In other words, educate to advertise (edutise). Share your knowledge freely. Don’t talk about your business. Educate your prospect instead. Then offer to help them. This is one area where content marketing tactics excel.

Let other people know why you love what you do. Tell them your story in a way that relates to the reader’s desires.

As far as what tools and tactics to use it’s a matter of budget and your personal desire.

If marketing represented 5% to 10% of your gross monthly revenues, how much would you be setting aside each month?

The answer is the marketing budget you have to work with. You have $50 to $100 for every $1,000 you earn to dedicate toward marketing.

 Then it’s a matter of deciding how to spend that money.

 Will you use social media or hire someone to accomplish telemarketing?

Will you communicate through the US Mail, email or at in-person networking events?

How about client contact? How are you staying in touch with people who matter most?

The choices are endless. The real question is, “What am I, the passionate small business owner, willing to do consistently to build my success?”

Then follow your inspiration and realize that marketing is a blend of tactics strung together in a plan that is accomplished every day, week and month.