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The Philosophy of Conscious Business

IStock_000004635383XSmall Conscious business owners are those who realize that their thoughts, offerings and actions have enormous impact on others.

The philosophy of conscious business operates on five simple principles.

1. The purpose of life is to be happy. The way adults gain happiness in life is to create value in the lives of other people using their talents, knowledge and passion.

2. You use your talents, knowledge and passion to create a business value that people are willing and eager to pay for. You reach out to the people who need you the most with pride and conviction.

3. You sell your value with a strong sense of purpose. You are eager to tell the world about the value you have created. You are able to sell the value you’ve created consistently because you have developed a winning sales process that focuses on caring about the outcomes your clients gain.

You follow your sales process every day with out fail. You care more than other businesses so you stand out in the mind of your clients and prospects. You know there are people who need you, but have not yet discovered you. They are waiting to hear from you. As a result, prospecting is seldom a chore.

4. Once you have those clients, you continue to add value to their lives consistently. You never allow them to underachieve because you did not offer them more of your talent and expertise. You continuously provide the advantage of working with you because you genuinely care about the results your clients gain.

5. You never, ever wait for clients to ask for your help; because you know they won’t. You serve their best interests by seeing what they need, offering it to them 100% of the time and ensuring they are able to use what you offered effectively.

You do this for as long as you’re in business. You feel good about your business and your life everyday. You are eager for each day to start.

If your days are a chore right now, you are not in a conscious business.

You can change that today if you choose. Or you can keep doing what you’re doing and expect a different result.

Use the power of your consciousness to decide what’s best for you. Then take action to change your results and your life.

Next week, in Part II, we'll develop a conscious business plan that will help you articulate the value you've created in a way others can relate to. Stay tuned.

The Art of Being Relevant to Your Tribe

Happiness When you have a business and are seeking attention what is the one thing that will help you reach your attention getting goal in the shortest time possible?

The answer is being relevant.

By relevant I mean that the conversation you are pointing at the marketplace must be something a niche group of people want to interact with. We’ll call that niche group of people your “Tribe”.

For example my friend, Jeff Fagin, The Money Master, had a dream for several years. His dream was to bring the Millionaire Mind work of T. Harv Eker to Phoenix, Arizona.

Jeff envisioned creating a community of people who were passionate about Harv’s work and to build a community and support network around it.

Jeff continued to take action on his passion. It was a labor of love that lasted at least 2 or 3 years. In January 2010 his new 2% Club was launched. At the inaugural meeting somewhere around 200 people attended.

WOW! Great turnout for the 1st event. How did Jeff do that?

Because Jeff had a true and unwavering passion that was directed at a niche group of people who wanted to share that passion with him.

How about you?

You can’t become relevant without a passion.

You can’t become relevant unless your passion is something a niche group of people gravitate toward.

To make that happen you have to realize one very important secret.

You can only become relevant when you communicate a message that is based on your true talents, knowledge and passion; like Jeff did.

And once you are truly relevant your Tribe will appear and interact with you.

If you don’t believe me, become a Fan of the 2% Club on Facebook at and be sure to check out the 2% Club Web site at too.

I admire you, Jeff. You are a brilliant man. I love to see true passion in action. Go on over to Jeff’s sites now to see the power of passion in action.

Then ask yourself, “What am I passionate about that is relevant to the desires of one small group of like minded people?”

For me the answer to that question was helping talented, passionate and knowledgeable Entrepreneurs learn how to achieve balance, satisfaction and profit with freedom.

That happens by creating a value that enhances the lives of others.

So my Tribe is comprised of conscious people who want to achieve happiness by making a difference in the lives of others using their greatest strengths. The result of doing that successfully is true business and life satisfaction.

What is YOUR passion and who is your Tribe?

The comment line is open. I’d love to to learn more about your passion and the people you help.

Now here’s the thing to watch. Only the most passionate people will have something to add.

Watch those people, they are going to make a big difference in world with their small business.

The rest? Well they are mired in procrastination and will “Get to it when they have time.”

That is the status quo mindset. And the status quo is often ignored because their message is just not compelling. It sounds too much like everyone's voice. The result is no one really cares to hear it.

If you suffer from status quo-ism realize there is help that you can ask for so that you can begin to see things a from a broader perspective.