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Your Personal Marketing Mix

Marketing-Mix-Target-Audien There are 100’s if not 1,000’s of ideas you can use to market any small business. Some cost money, some are free, and some work quickly, some work over time and some don't work at all.

However, when deciding on what to add to your personal marketing mix bag of tricks there is one vital factor that you must consider.

That vital factor is the only marketing that will really work is marketing that you are willing to commit to and accomplish consistently.

If you’re passionate about the business that you’re in, you’ll want to share your message frequently. That’s great because marketing works best when it’s frequent, anticipated and relevant.

When you send marketing materials, edutise and instead of advertise.

In other words, educate to advertise (edutise). Share your knowledge freely. Don’t talk about your business. Educate your prospect instead. Then offer to help them. This is one area where content marketing tactics excel.

Let other people know why you love what you do. Tell them your story in a way that relates to the reader’s desires.

As far as what tools and tactics to use it’s a matter of budget and your personal desire.

If marketing represented 5% to 10% of your gross monthly revenues, how much would you be setting aside each month?

The answer is the marketing budget you have to work with. You have $50 to $100 for every $1,000 you earn to dedicate toward marketing.

 Then it’s a matter of deciding how to spend that money.

 Will you use social media or hire someone to accomplish telemarketing?

Will you communicate through the US Mail, email or at in-person networking events?

How about client contact? How are you staying in touch with people who matter most?

The choices are endless. The real question is, “What am I, the passionate small business owner, willing to do consistently to build my success?”

Then follow your inspiration and realize that marketing is a blend of tactics strung together in a plan that is accomplished every day, week and month.


The Power of Passion in Business

JeffFagin My new interview series is called The Power of Passion in Business. My first interview is with 2 Percent Club Founder, Jeff Fagin. You can listen to that interview by clicking on the audio player below. You can also download the interview to share with others at

Jeff Fagin, 2 Percent Club

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And learn more about Jeff and his amazing 2 Percent Club (and register for the February 25th event) at

Here's a little background on The Power of Passion in Business.

I created this series to provide ideas and inspiration on how powerful and effective passion is when used as a value-sharing, business-building/sales and marketing element.  

Passion is vital to entrepreneurs because most people in business have a hard time selling and promoting what they do in general. However, when passion is added to the mix, even the most introverted people will scream their offer from every roof top they can find.

The reason? They have to. The passion is so strong in their hearts that they have no other choice but to share it with others.

During this interview you’ll meet an amazing and creative entrepreneur named Jeff Fagin. Jeff is passionate about helping people become financially free using the teachings and method of best-selling author T. Harv Eker.

You'll learn how Jeff turned his passion into something meaningful that other people value. You'll also learn how you can do that, too.

Listen and enjoy this installment of The Power of Passion in Business featuring 2 Percent Club Founder, Jeff Fagin here:

Jeff Fagin, 2 Percent Club

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The Philosophy of Conscious Business, Part II

IStock_000004778955XSmall Last week, as we discussed in Part I of this two part series, there are 5-simple principles that conscious businesses operate under. They are:

1. The purpose of life is to be happy. The way adults gain happiness is to create value in the lives of other people using their talents, knowledge and passion.

2. Use your talents, knowledge and passion to create a business value that people are willing and eager to pay for.

3. Because of your passion, you sell this value with a strong sense of purpose. You are eager to tell the world about the value you have created.

4. Once you have a client, you continue to add value to their life consistently. You never allow them to underachieve because you did not offer them more of your talent and expertise.

5. You never, ever wait for clients to ask for your help; because you know they won’t. You serve their best interests, stay focused and in-touch and remain ready to offer them more of your service as they need it, because you truly care.

Being able to enjoy the great feeling a conscious business creates all comes down to one simple thing; passion for what you’re doing and love for the people you are doing it for.

Conscious business combines

    * Talent
    * Passion
    * Caring

In a way that supports the efforts and goals of others.

The purpose of business is to make money, without a doubt, but oddly enough we make the most money when we help someone else achieve what they want.

Let's discover the "heart" of your business by creating a Conscious Business Planning Document.

Simply answer these questions truthfully, from your heart and then live the conclusions that you draw from them every day.

1. I am most happy in business when ___________?

2. The value I add to the lives of other people is ___________?

3. People are willing to pay me ________ for the value I provide because they receive ___________ times more use value in return.

AAHH, # 3 tripped you up I’m guessing. The reason is you never look at the value you provide in a tangible way.

When people pay cash for your product or services and receive 10 times more use value back, you’ll be so busy you can’t even imagine it.

It’s the give me a quarter and I’ll give you a dollar in return principle in action.

There is some bad news to being a successful, conscious business person.

You have to let go of the things that don’t serve you any more and replace them with activities that foster and expand your new found success.

Believe me, old habits die hard. But it’s manageable to deal with. Like the layers of an onion, peel them back and toss them aside as you expose the new layers below.

As you expand and grow, one-by-one, old habits fall away to make way for a bright, expansive and VERY profitable future.