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What Can You Learn From the Games You Play?

Golf Ball Hero Shot The games that you play often are there to teach and help you to observe other aspects of yourself that otherwise remain unobserved, keeping you unaware and 'stuck' as a result.

One example that springs to mind is the game of golf.

Golf is a crazy game. The reason is because how you accomplish a great shot makes no sense physically. Yet, when you trust the process a great shot happens every time.

The process that makes a great golf shot work is mindfulness, also known as no-thought thinking.

You step up, don't think about anything, just trust that your body knows what to do and BOOM! A great shot goes soaring straight down the beautiful fairway every time.

OR you step up, run 100's of analytical thoughts through your mind and CRACK, CLINK, OUCH! Disaster happens 98% of the time.

But when that great shot happens it feels wonderful! It touches you to the core. It definitely keeps you coming back for more.

The problem is because the technique used to create a great golf shot make no sense analytically most people have a very hard time playing the game well.

However, golfers love the game whether they play well or not.


Because they are playing to experience the feeling of trusting the process that creates a great shot. Golfers are rewarded by that great feeling a few times in every round.

So how about life in general?

Imagine life is game (which it is).

Instead of playing for a specific outcome like success or failure imagine you played only to experience the great shot. Or in other words you played solely to experience the great events that happen in life.

How different would your life, business and relationships with others be?

You would be playing through the muck and mire without judgment because you know that eventually a great event will occur. When it does you know and completely trust that your heart and soul will soar.

It's a feeling of true happiness and accomplishment that overcomes you whenever it happens.

How much different would your life be with that focus and goal in mind?

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