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Your Greatest Realization for 2010 and Beyond

Goal Setting Like it or not 2010 has started and is underway.

In this new decade, if you hope to achieve all that you desire you have to realize a very important fact.

That fact is if your business is not built on your greatest talent, deepest knowledge and genuine passion it is going to fall flat as we move into the “future”.

It can be a hard fact to face but also ran’s and commodities will be ignored more than they ever have before.

Buyers want authentic.

They need your knowledge to grow.

And they are attracted to passion like a strong industrial strength magnet.

Miss one of these elements and you are missing the key to business growth in 2010.

If you’re not sure what your strengths, talents and knowledge are you can easily learn by asking your clients.

Ask the simple question “What do you feel is the greatest value you have gained from my service (or product)?”

Their answers will be very revealing. Just analyze them. Find the common threads in their replies and learn to see your business through your clients eyes.

For example, in my new Coach Bill Gluth Web site I posted testimonials on the side of each page to share client comments.

In gaining those comments I learned:

That clients find value in the fact that I help put them in action to get business building things done.

I help clients understand the value that their clients see in them.

I am blessed to know that my clients see that I truly care about them and their outcomes.

And I take them down a path of peace, fulfillment and happiness in business through the work we do together.

All great things. All things that came from the words my clients shared with me when I asked them what value they’ve received from my services.

Try it.

Just send a personalized email to all of your clients. Do NOT send it as a bulk mail with “Undisclosed Recipients” in the To: line.

Make the subject line: Can I Ask For Your Help?

Tell them the truth. “In 2010 I am revamping my business based on my client feedback. Will you please reply to this email and let me know what do you feel is the greatest value you have gained from my service (or product)?”


All you have to do is take action. That can be the hard part.

If you need help, I personally know the “Conscious Life and Business Coach”. He can certainly help you.

More to come in the New Year. New directions, new services and new inspiration for a brand new decade.