Your Greatest Realization for 2010 and Beyond
Creating a Conscious Personal Brand

How to Become a Sales and Marketing Superstar

Superstar It takes just four simple things to become a sales and marketing superstar. Trust, passion, belief and the sincere desire to make a difference in the life of someone else.

Trust in the value you are selling. Passion for spreading the word about your offer because you believe deeply in the value you’ve created. When you add the sincere desire to make a difference in the life of another human being you become unstoppable when compared to others. 

If you do not have that level of commitment to your business and the offering you are bringing to the market now it often simply takes a shift in mindset.

The missing ingredient is often passion.

Without passion, your marketing message is just more noise in the marketplace.

When passion is lacking in a sales situation, you’ll probably spend your time trying to push features that no one cares about. As a result, you will hate sales.

All you are really missing is passionate value creation.

You're missing the benefit buyers receive because you’re not looking out for the best interests of your prospects. You are worried about making a sale instead.

When passion enters the picture, however, you’ll see your offering in an entirely new light.

When your mission is to create value that affects the lives of other people you’ll want to study, engage and understand them so you can add even more value to their life.

It feels great so you want more.

When you want more of that great feeling you'll realize that sales and marketing becomes the way you achieve it in business. As a result sales and marketing stops being the chore it may be today.

When it comes to sales, the passionate value creator has no equal.

When you believe in the value you create for others with all of your heart, sales becomes a non-issue. You are no longer there to qualify, present and close. Sales stops being uncomfortable.

You visit a potential client to understand their situation and ask questions that clarifies their desired outcome. Then you simply diagnose and prescribe a course of treatment that gives them what they want.

You don’t waste time trying to sell anything. You simply understand and recommend in the best interest of your prospect. You are authentically using your knowledge and greatest talents to help another person get what she or he wants.

And that feels great.

Sales and marketing superstars are changing the course of business and life with the values they create.

The simple reason is they have the passion, talent and vision to see a bigger picture that you may not see today.