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Creating a Conscious Personal Brand

HeartLowRes There is a new business trend that has emerged. It is based on an authentic and heart centered sales and marketing approach.

This conscious personal brand approach focuses on marketing your talent, knowledge and passion rather than focusing on your services or products.

We all know that people buy from people they know, like and trust.

Today, with the proliferation of social media and content marketing strategies, people learn to know, like and trust you through the messages and personal stories you create and share.

To get in touch with your conscious brand story there are really just 5 basic questions that you will want to answer.

The 5 basic questions that will help you create a conscious personal brand that is focused on your talents, knowledge and passion are:

1. What am I all about as a human being?

2. Who am I in business?

3. How do my best clients describe the value I provide to them?

4. What is the one thing must I accomplish in business and life to find deep fulfillment and true happiness?

5. What value can I create to enhance the life of someone else that allows me to do work that matters most to me, personally?

If you don’t have an answer to these five questions, you are and probably having a hard time of it.

To reverse the trend, do some soul searching.

Start by building awareness.

When people ask you about what you do for a living, do you relate a job title or company name? If so, your work probably feels more like drudgery than joy.

Tell them about your personal mission, your greatest talent in business, your extensive knowledge and the passion you have for what you do instead.

All it takes is admitting where your deepest passions truly lie.

Look at your testimonials and analyze them to find the common threads. What do most people say about the value you have given them?

Having spotted this trend, I created my coaching programs to address this need.

My passion, knowledge and talent is helping you use your passion, knowledge and talent to create a happy life and a business you love that makes a difference in the lives of other people.

Basically, the purpose of my work is to help you use your greatest strengths to add value to the lives of others.

I even started writing a book about conscious life and business.

The first installment is a free manifesto called 8-Powerful Secrets to a Happy and Fulfilling Life. Check it out and see if the ideas resonate with you. 

Now more than ever:

Your talent, knowledge, passion and experience is needed by distinct groups of people.

You can lead a tribe and help them gain what they want out of life, no matter what you do.

The best personal brand you can ever create now and in the future is one that focuses on how your greatest gifts enhance the lives of other people.