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Outline for Sales and Marketing Effectiveness in 2010

Who Do You Love?`

When you have your own business it’s easy to fall in love with your product or service. After all, your business is your baby. You watched it grow up from infant (start-up) to adult (business that works).

However, you are often disappointed in your businesses ability to produce the revenue you really desire.

The reason is your focus is probably wrong. Instead of loving your business you must actually fall in love with your clients.

But exactly how do you fall in love with your clients?

It starts with understanding.

Call to ask your best clients what the greatest value they receive from your business is.

Keep talking to clients until you hear the same type of values repeated over again. These are your key selling points so take careful notes of what you’re hearing.

Then develop a communication strategy. Once you re-engage your clients with the value statement call, launch a plan of follow up.


Sending a thank you card after the call.

Setting a “check-in” time for later in the year with each client you talk to.

Emailing a newsletter that reaches clients monthly at minimum.

Schedule a luncheon where your clients have an opportunity to meet each other.

Mail a “no real reason card” a few times a year. A program like Send Out Cards automates this process quickly and easily.

Now that I got your brain working on this, think of a few unique ways you can stay in touch and show clients you value them and their business.

Your personal touch and authentic caring makes a big difference in showing clients how much you appreciate them.

Spend time every day letting clients know you appreciate them and watch your profits grow from repeat business.