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What Am I All About and Who Cares Anyway

QuestionMark No one cares about you or your business. I know that may seem shocking for many of you, but it is none the less true.

People only care about themselves. They care about the results they gain from using your services or buying your products.

They only care about their growth and success. They care about the short and long term value they gain from working with you.

Here’s where your communication breaks down.

You are probably communicating as if your target market cared about your business instead of their personal interests.

“I’m a __________ (fill in the blank with your profession) and I help people (offering something you sell) with my services (or product).”

The first problem are the words "I and me". The word "people" is the other challenge.

What people? Who do you help? How do you help them exactly? What is the result of that assistance?

Instead of thinking "I and me" when you’re communicating start thinking "you and your".

"If you are a (niche target market) who suffers from (the challenge your niche target market wants to overcome) and would like to (result they gain from working with you) I am offering (your sales attraction soft step; e.g. free white paper, eBook, special report, audio or consultation)."

In communicating you need to have one I or me and two or more you and your statements when you communicate to your target market.

Most people see their business from their personal point of view; they cannot express the value they provide to other people.

What can you do if you’re "I and me" challenged?

First understand what the value is you provide other people? If you don’t know ask.

Then understand the Return on Investment (ROI) people typically gain from working with you?

Finally realize the niche target market you most effectively serve.

When people ask you what you do stop telling them your job title or category of business. Start telling them the problem you solve, niche market your serve and ROI you provide.

It’s hypnotic. People suddenly respond to your communications because they suddenly understand “What’s in it for me.”