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The Creative Mind at Work

CutOutofIconWEB When you go to work every day, what do you take with you?

Money for lunch, papers, files, folders, your computer, PDA, cell phone and myriad of other items that will help you to get through each and every day.

The one thing that is often missing is the realization of your personal genius, the creative mind at work.

The creative mind can see things the finite mind cannot. It can explore new realms of possibilities so that you can consciously select one option that creates a result you desire.

Notice I said a result you desire. Too often you may settle

Settle for a result because it was “the path of least resistance.”

Settle for less than you want because the path to achieve your true goal seems too difficult.

Settle to keep things status quo even though that bores you and makes you unhappy.

Settling is what keeps you stuck in a rut, wondering what to do next.

Here’s how to easily break the “settle” habit and create a new direction

First, realize you’re settling. This is an awareness building exercise. When you consciously admit that you are settling your creative mind looks for a new direction.

Focus on the direction you would really like to head.

Just saying, “This is not what I want” will not work.

Focusing on a target, an exact place you would like to go, will give your creative mind a target to hit. Without a target, you will flounder and remain lost.

Create a strategy to hit the target you’re aiming at. Defining your direction will allow you to create a plan to reach any goal.

Follow the plan and don’t allow distractions to derail you. Take action every day to reach your new, desired direction.

Combine creativity with your conscious mind and you’ll soon find that achievement will happen all around you, consistently.

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