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Social Media is Like a Savings Account

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Is Twitter, Facebook, blogging and other social media activities really worth the time and effort?

If you’re looking for immediate sales lead generation the answer is no.

The best activity to spend your time on if you need business today is personal and direct outreach to a tight niche group of prospects.

You have to think of social media more like a savings account.

You put 10% of what you earn into the account. Over time your savings grow. A little interest accrues and you have a chunk of money down the road.

Social media works the same way.

You add an article or blog post a few times each week. Spend 5 minutes 3 or 4 times a day adding something interesting and compelling on Twitter. You add a friend or two to your Facebook profile each morning.

Over time your content footprint and online reputation grows.

You have more followers on Twitter and more friends on Facebook. They become interested in what you have to say so the pay attention. You get a strong sale lead or referral from your social media activity.

That’s how it works. So the question is, are you willing to save or not?

We’ll know by your content footprint online.

Bonus Idea:

To find your content footprint online just type in “YOUR NAME” (with quotes) in Google and see what comes up. Notice the number of hits for your name in the search results area.