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Your Business Rut May Be Costing You More than Just Money


I don’t know about you but I often catch myself getting into a rut. I get up every morning, do the same thing I did yesterday and end up with the same result. I'm unhappy but I'm comfortable with it.

But did you notice my secret for breaking out of the unhappiness caused by a rut?

The secret is so simple it seems impossibly complex.

You simply catch yourself in a rut and decide to change.

Let’s face it, the difference between success and failure is based on your ability to manage two vital elements.

Element # 1: Your ability to adapt; noticing behavior that is destructive to your goals and adapt to a change that corrects the course.

Element # 2: Your ability to adopt; find new ideas, systems, processes and tactics that change the tide of this behavior. Adopt these new ideas to refocus on moving forward toward the outcomes you really want in your life and business.

Here are a few steps to eliminating your rut-like thinking.

Realization is step one. Do you wish things were different but they seldom change?

If so, you are in a rut. The rut of your current attitude is keeping you from realizing your dreams and goals in both life and business.

All you have to do is catch yourself and decide to change.

Do you frequently get mad at yourself for being content to live below your true potential?

The only time you’ll feel angry and disappointed with yourself is when you realize you are not moving forward.

Making just one decision leads to the new outcome you desire. Decide what you want and go for it. The only thing you have to lose is the rut that keeps you unhappy.

Do you hide from your deepest feelings by suppressing them?

Hoping things will get better never works long-term. There’s only one way to achieve the life you truly desire.

Use your deepest feelings to uncover what’s not working in your life and business.

Admit it.

Get the help you need to correct course and move in a new direction.

Realizing the need to change is the greatest motivator ever.

Without change you will remain stuck where you are now, in both life and business. 

The only way to reach new goals is to extend yourself by changing.

The only way to change is to catch yourself in the comfort of unhappiness, create new directions and follow them bravely.

The end result is always worth it.