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The Secret Communication Strategy That Pays


The purpose of communication, in a small business sense, is attraction.

Communicating your expertise in a way that attracts the attention of qualified prospects has become a popular mainstream marketing strategy.

The real secret behind communication that attracts is seldom shared.

I will tell you what that secret is right now.

The secret is communication consistency.

Sending a single article or case study one time or making a single phone call or personal visit to a prospects office and expecting it to attract interest is going to lead to disappointment quickly.

How can you offer consistent communication regularly?

You can write or speak a short article or podcast every week and send it to prospects and clients that request it.

You can create a "key point" article, one that addresses a primary concern the majority of your target market has and share it. Include it as part of a permission marketing outreach campaign in your sales process.

Writing a tip of the week relating to your business will also give you communication consistency.

So will a 10-Ways to ____ (key problem your clients want to solve).

If you are the type of business that advertises in publications try this idea. When placing your ad, make running an educational article you wrote, along with your paid ad, part of the advertising package.

By writing an educational article or tip you’ll gain top-of-mind awareness with both your clients and prospects. Do it every week and you’ll also consistently stay in touch.

You will establish yourself as an expert in your field, which is a desirable marketing strategy on its own.

How do you write an article quickly and easily, even if you cannot write?

First, don't cheat yourself out of the success you deserve. Don't put "I can't write" into your consciousness.

The fact is, if you have ever had success in your business, you know what to say to help people. Say that in your article.

Decide on a topic relating to your business that you want to discuss with clients and prospects.

List 3-key points you want to make about the topic.

Fill in 3-sub points to every key point you listed.

Create paragraphs from the outline you just created and be sure to write just like you talk. 

POOF! You have an article.

If you can’t write, talk about your article topic and record what you say. Then post the recording to your Web site or blog.

You can record your article for free using Free Conference

Then supercharge your recording by having a transcript created. Services like can do this for you for a very reasonable cost.

The hardest part is getting started.

The second hardest part is doing it consistently. Weekly is best if you want to establish yourself as a credible expert in your field.

After all, your competition does not know that consistency is the secret communication strategy that pays, so you’re one up on them as of now.