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Excellent Client Care Won My Business

MaleFaceProductsWeb Because I play golf and live in Arizona, I always want to be sure to take good care of my skin.

Recently, I went in search of a new product line and found the Male Face line of skin care products for men.

They looked good so I gave them a try.

I ordered the face scrub and the moisturizer. I did not order their shaving cream because I generally haven't liked tube shave creams.

When my order arrived, there was the face scrub and the shave cream but no moisturizer. 

I emailed the company and within a very short time their client care department let me know they are sending the moisturizer.

They told me to keep the shave cream with their compliments, no need to send it back.

A few days later the moisturizer arrived. They included an extra moisturizer as a way of saying "Sorry".

I tried the line, liked it and have now happily reordered products I used up, including the shaving cream.

Yes, I became a convert to their system. It works great; the closest shave I have ever had.

Male Face's exceptional client care, not inconveniencing me with having to send back the product I didn't order and giving me extra product as a way of saying "sorry" won me over and made me a happy user.

Client care makes all the difference in the world. Remember that the next time a challenge arises with one of your clients. All you have to do is take care by really caring.