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What to Do if Sales Bores You to Death

Bored-Business-Man Let’s face it, sales is the only way that a prospect who is interested can learn more about your offer and buy. Without sales, businesses fail. It’s just that simple.

No matter if you create sales in a direct way, through personal contact, or virtually, through a sales letter and online direct response mechanisms, an offer has to be made and a sale closed to generate revenue.

For many business owners, getting around to selling is often a challenge.

Every day events jump in front of this vital activity and before you know it, the day is gone and no sales effort has been made.

Here’s the reason your sales effort is put on the back burner.

Simply put, the business owner is bored with their sales message and offer.

They have lost the passion for what they are selling, which causes many people in business to put off prospecting  and selling until another day.

Now, if you felt a charge and denied this is the case for you, just look at your sales prospecting record.

If you’re not taking steps to make a sale every day, you probably fit into the “I’m bored” category.

If and when sales boredom occurs in your business, here’s the first step to take.

Realize it is occurring, admit it and set a reasonable amount of unmovable time aside to repair the problem. Get the advice of an outside advisor to see the big picture clearly.

After realization comes reasoning. Why are you bored?

Has selling the same thing day in and day for a number of years worn down your edge?

If this is the case, look at repackaging your marketing effort. Switch to educational based marketing. Offer to educate for free and then set meetings with people who are interested in learning more.

Do you feel in your heart that what you’re selling is not providing true value to the buyer?

If so, reevaluate your offer. Maybe repackaging is the answer or extending your product or service line to provide a more inclusive offer may help.

Look to other industries for answers and apply those ideas to your industry.

Have you lost interest in your industry or niche?

In this case, evaluate who you are approaching to buy.

Are you truly reaching the clients you really want to work with or are you settling for anyone who comes along with a check?

When your  sales effort is spotty, boredom is often the reason why.

When boredom is resolved, new energy emerges and sales becomes enjoyable and a focus of each day once again.

This raises revenues, which brings new energy to both your business and your life.