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Chicago_skyline_night I was in Chicago to visit family and friends from long ago over the past few days.

My family and friends were up for trying new restaurants and fun things to do with me while I was there. The experiences for those trials dictated whether or not they would use that business again after I left.

Case in point. On the last night I was there we decided to stay at home and carry out instead of going to a restaurant again.

Everyone thought Chinese food sounded good. The problem was our favorite Chinese restaurant, that I remember fondly from living in the area, was closed on Monday.

Undaunted, my friend thought of another place she had wanted to try for a long time. So we called, ordered, picked it up and brought it home. 

Once we got it home we discovered that the chicken was more of a mystery meat than chicken and everything else was pretty much sub par. Soggy egg rolls, poorly prepared sweet and sour shrimp and even missing condiments caused us to sigh.

"I'll have to tell my friends that this is not a good place to eat," my friend said

One bad meal, one bad experience set up the restaurant to lose the business of my friend and her friends too.

She will never go back and complain. She will just never go back.

It just goes to show that when you're selling products or services, one great experience can lead to more business.

And one unsatisfactory encounter will cost your business money every time.