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The Truth About Client Care

Table and Chairs We all know that satisfied clients are the lifeblood of any business.

What you may not realize is that when a challenge occurs, you have a great opportunity to show what your personal commitment to client care is really all about.

Case in point. I purchased a new dinette set from Ashley Furniture. I took the pieces home to assemble them.

The table went together fine, but when I got to the chairs it was a different story.

The holes for the chair screws were about 1/8” off, making it impossible to assemble the chairs successfully.

I went back to the store with chairs in hand. It was no problem for them at all; a manager said their warehouse person would assemble the chairs for me.

The warehouse person had no better luck than I did. So, he took a set of assembled chairs off the selling floor, put on the new seats and a few other parts and loaded the new, assembled chairs into my car.

I’m happy to report that the new dinette set looks great.

It was obvious that the manager at Ashley Furniture cared about my business. It’s also obvious that when I need something like this again, my search for it will start there.

Whenever a client challenge arises, view it as an opportunity to show how much you actually value that clients business.

The truth about client care is good news spreads quickly and bad news spreads even faster.

To get the good news out there, all you have to do is truly care. Make a commit to correct any challenges that come up quickly and painlessly for your client.

The reward is great client relationships that lead to successful Word of Mouth marketing and increased sales for your business.