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Sales From a Lofty Perspective

Sales happen when two people feel good about each other and an offer being made. IStock_000008106300XSmall

The buyer has interest, trusts the seller and feels there is enough credibility to ensure delivery of the promised value.

Once that feeling is embraced the sale is made. Then the buyer justifies their decision based on logic.

BUT the decision to buy is always based on a feeling first.

As a result, when you are the seller, how you think and feel about your company, the offer you're making and the prospect you're working with will mean the difference between sale or no sale. 

Before going into any sales call be clear about how you feel your prospective buyer will benefit.

In your imagination see the buyer gaining significant value from the offer you're making.

In your minds eye see the buyer taking advantage of your offer, reaping the benefit and moving forward with a sale.

When you're in front of the buyer, make sure you understand the value they really hope to gain.

Show how your offer delivers that value.

Then care enough about the buyers success to help them make the best decision for their specific situation.

Keep in mind, when you care about the buyer more than a few dollars in your pocket, sometimes your offer won't fit. If it doesn't be truthful and tell the buyer directly.

The combination of personal self-belief in what you're selling, envisioning the buyer moving forward, understanding buyer desires and caring about the results they gain is a potent combination.

Follow this pattern and you'll see more sales close consistently. As an added benefit, you'll feel happier about your business and life.