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Don't Be Good; Be Different to Standout in 2010

ApplesWEB Being good makes you mundane, an also ran. Being different allows you to separate from the pack and stand out from the crowd.

In today’s world, being different is one of the few things that will get you noticed. It puts you in demand.

Being the same as all the other options will keep you fighting price wars continuously.

When it comes to sales and marketing most companies say:

"We are good."

"We offer the best service."

"We treat our customers honestly and with integrity."

They are telling the same story everyone else is sharing.

Your prospects have heard that story so many times, they are numb to it. They believed other marketers who claimed the same but ended up delivering far less.

Now they are jaded and don’t want to believe any longer.

Learn to be different by viewing your business through your clients eyes.

In your sales and marketing messages you need to talk TO your clients, about their interests and not AT them, about the services you provide.

BAD EXAMPLE: "We offer the finest customer service anywhere."

The problem? Everyone else is making the same promise.

Here’s how to create a client centric sales and marketing “story.”

Start by talking to your clients. Ask them, “What is the greatest value you have gained from doing business with me?”

Then listen and write down or record what they are saying.

Follow up with, “What is the greatest challenge my service (or product) solves for you?” Listen and take notes once again.

Once you understand the value you deliver and the problem(s) you solve develop your sales and marketing story by filling in the blanks in the statements below.

Remember to use the actual words your clients have given you.

You want _____ (what clients told you they want and have gained from your service.)

The problem is _________ (the problem that keeps your potential clients from reaching a solution.)

YOUR COMPANY has a new idea: Then tell your story about the greatest value your company provides, using the actual words your clients have given you.

Little copywriting talent is required but the impact is huge.

When you are in a selling situation, let prospects know how you have helped other clients just like them. Give real life examples of how you have helped other people with similar challenges.

You’ll suddenly notice new interest in your sales and marketing story. And of course new interest equals new sales.