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Follow your Feelings; the Quickest Path to Success and Fulfillment

HeartLowRes Have ever thought “I had a feeling I should  have ___?” Then, of course, you didn’t follow that feeling but ended up wishing you did.

Or maybe just the opposite happened and you learned what a powerful force your feelings are in guiding both your life and business outcomes.

If either of these ideas has happened to you, you’ll find particular value in today’s Creative Business Strategy.

Feelings are really promptings from an expanded aspect of your self.

This is the part of every human being that connects with Universal knowledge, energy and ultimate happiness in every moment.

This is the voice that ‘whispers’ those great ideas and inner promptings that lead to remarkable things occurring in your life when you follow them.

The first step is to tap into your feeling consistently by being open and receptive to them. Most people suppress their feelings, never giving them a chance to have an impact.

Instead of “going with their gut” the majority stop, step back, think about a situation and either never act or over analyze and act in a way that’s contrary to what they felt.

This generally creates lack luster results.

When you go with your feelings consistently you are open and living in the natural flow of your life. When you live in the natural flow and follow your instincts consistently, things that seem impossible to you now become commonplace.

If you want to create magnificent results from decisions you make, don’t immediately jump into thinking mode.

Start by looking at your feelings. Ask yourself, “How do I feel I should act in this circumstance.”

You know you are on the right path when you feel peaceful, satisfied and fulfilled by the direction you decide to take.

Think with your heart (feelings) over your head (thinking) and you will change your life, your business and every outcome you focus on. In essence you are expanding your consciousness and reaching your full potential as a human being.

There’ll be more on thoughts, feelings, human subtle energy and its impact on every aspect of your business and personal life in future blog posts.

But for today, focus on every single moment of your day as it occurs. Enjoy it and see how you feel about situations that arise and decisions you want to make.

Then go with those feelings instead of the churning thoughts that keep you confused and often “stuck” in a space you really don’t want to be.

Authentic Vision is Your Greatest Competitive Edge

Woman's-Eye-Web I was talking to an entrepreneur yesterday about the vision he had for his company and the outcomes he wanted to create in the next three years.

He had a successful company now, but wanted loftier achievement and to have the opportunity to add even more value to the lives of others.

As we talked, his passion mounted.

It was then I recommended his greatest competitive strategy. "Tell clients and prospects the story you're telling me now and you'll stand head and shoulder above the competition."

His vision was authentic. It was the best he had to offer. Tell a passionate story and people will respond; they want unique and they want the best.

The vision was unique to him. No one else in his market niche saw his industry quite this way.

He'd gain attention and open the door to Word of Mouth marketing. Prospects want to know more when the focus is on helping them get what they want out of life.

Only you can have the vision you see. Make it your sales and marketing story and watch how quickly sales ramp up.

The reason is, your talent, passion and authentic vision is your greatest competitive edge.

Who Loves You: Uncover Your Best New Clients

Megaphone_Web It seems to me that there is a plethora of information out there on gaining attention in the marketplace using social media tools like blogging, Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.

In fact, there is so much, it's completely overwhelming. Few really know who to listen to.

So go ahead and put your bullhorn away and let's talk about the real people you want to attract to your message.

You only want to attract those who love you most.

Notice I said LOVE.

Yes, it's a strong word for sure. But when your facing a crowded market, clients who love you are the only people who have enough reason to pay attention.

You know your clients are in love with you when:

They are amazed at the depth of your knowledge.

Reports of significant sales increases are reported to you consistently.

You publish an article or blog post and get called or emailed about how helpful that idea was.

Those are the people who love you. They want all they can get.

So, create a niche market profile. Who are these people, what do they do and why do the love you so darn much.

Then get back on the bullhorn and shout out your message to other people who are just like the clients that  enjoy you the most.

There is power in niches and when you listen to the feedback you receive, it's pretty easy to find out who loves you.