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How to Ensure Nothing Ever Gets Done

TimeMgrIcon When I was conducting research for my book, 90 Minute Time Manager, I talked to a lot of my clients and other small business owners about their work habits and challenges.

I also spoke with numerous entrepreneurs about productivity and accomplishing both vital daily tasks and meaningful long term goals.

What I found out was pretty amazing. It seemed that the majority of people had the terrible habit of multi-tasking. As a result, little was accomplished in the course of daily business activity.

Multi-tasking ensures that little ever gets done.

Why is that? Multi-tasking seems like such a desirable skill.

Here’s the reason.

The majority of human beings are able to focus on a specific task for no more than 90-minutes. After that time productivity drops due to lack of attention.

When you are working on a task you begin slowly but then you build momentum and start getting a lot done as you get into a groove with the specific task you're working on.

But when you hit the 90-minute mark that attention wanes and you are ready for a new task.

When you multi-task, you generally either stop right when you begin, meaning you never gain momentum, or you stop in the middle, which is your most productive time.

Once you stop you have to restart and gain new momentum again.

Then you are fighting the clock, running out of time, meaning you either rush through the project or you drop it completely and hope to come back another day to finish it.

There is a better way to accomplish more.

In 90 Minute Time Manager I build awareness on how to “work with the time you actually have.”

We all have 24-hours in a day but no more. If you're like most people you are only willing to work about a third of those hours.

Instead of multi-tasking, decide on one task you’ll accomplish. Then estimate how long that task will take you.

Block out that amount of time on your schedule and work on that one task for the entire time.

If the task takes more than 90-minutes to complete, break it into two or more days.

Don’t answer the phone, check emails, go on your favorite social networking site or make lunch while you're focused on this task.

Work on one task until it is complete or until 90-minutes is up.

Once you’re done with one task, move on to the next. You’ll find that when you focus and work on one task until complete, blocking out other distractions, you’ll get more done in less time.

The endless cycle of being stressed out by time will begin to disappear as you follow this idea consistently every day.

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