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Your Consciousness Creates Your Small Business Results

IStock_000003481925XSmall I have the opportunity to work with wonderful companies and visionary entrepreneurs through the course of each year.

I also have the privilege of helping small business  owners who are stuck recover, build new sales and get on the path of success they so richly deserve.

The one thing that often strikes me is the difference between those who are successful and those who struggle to keep their doors open.

Success or struggle starts with on one vital factor.

That factor is the consciousness of the business owner. By consciousness I mean the holistic  view of the individual. It encompasses the body, mind and spirit and is dependent on the three working in harmony to create a desired outcome.

For example.

Body: The successful person takes time out of their busy day and week to nurture their body. The person who struggles does not have the time for self care.

Mind: Successful entrepreneurs are focused on creating a specific outcome. They leave all distractions behind. They plan for success and when challenges arise they think, “How can I solve this problem now.”

Those who struggle are hoping for the best with no specific outcome in mind. When problems arise they wallow in the challenge instead of looking for answers to solve it.

Spirit: People who succeed are aware of a higher power in their life, yet always know they create the results in their life every day through their words, thoughts and actions. They are in control of their life and daily journey and take charge of it moment by moment.

Those who lack success see it as elusive. Something that happens only to a lucky few. They don’t believe they can control the outcomes in their life. They think they will struggle so they often do.

Just yesterday I heard a great concept to ponder. Stop for a moment and consider this, “The student does less with more while the master does more with less.”

Mastering your life, success and happiness occurs through your conscious actions.

Become aware of the body, mind and spirit connection in your life. Use this amazing power to continue to create the success you enjoy now or use it to turn your life around completely in any moment.

Each of us only has ‘right now’ to work with. What you think and the actions you take determine your future. Realize this fact and then decide, “What outcome will I create with my consciousness today.”

It’s always your choice and there is also always help if you’re struggling and don’t know how to recover on your own.

How to Write a Client Attracting Book

John_Eggen_Portrait John Eggen is someone who top authors like Dr. Stephen Covey and Mark Victor Hansen have turned to when looking for new ideas to create a book.

With close to 30-years experience in helping experts position themselves and grow their business through  book publishing, John is the expert's expert when it comes to publishing for self promotion.

Here’s  John's short list  of how to develop a winning book concept.

This information came from just one day of the free course he offers at

Step #1: List Your Capabilities. Make a long list of the kind of problems you have a history of solving for people.

Step #2: Identify Possible Marketplaces.  List all the markets that want and have a history of paying for the kind of help you can provide.

Step #3: Locate Your Ideal Target Market by asking if they: have a pain, are aware of it, are easily researched and reached, have a history of spending money to solve their challenges and are a growing market that you would enjoy working with.

Step #4: Identify Your Topic by focusing on the biggest pain your target market wants to solve. What is the biggest problem that your target market wants to eliminate and has a history of paying for?

Step #5: Refine Your Topic into the Perfect Book Topic by researching on Amazon. Find the information that is out there now on the topic that fits your expertise and desires and then fill in the information gaps with your book.

John points out that he published a book this way called, Create the Business Breakthrough You Want.  In the first 27 months of publication, it attracted $1,131,108 in extra business to his firm.

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Listen to a transcript of an interview Robert Middleton did with John recently on how to create a book that sets you apart from the competition in as little as 90-days at

Seth Godin Was Thinking About Compromise

SethGodin In his blog today, Seth Godin had a very thought provoking message about compromise.

Seth point out  that we each have the choice of where we choose to compromise.

Given the choice of taking a 10% pay cut to market a product you believe in and love or adding 15% to your income by marketing Twinkies, which way would you go?

Great article that I highly recommend reading at