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The Lost Art of Keeping in Touch

IStock_000004474914XSmall Keeping in touch is a lost and dying art I'm afraid.

I remember back in 1997. The internet was mainstream by then and clients and prospects thought it was very cool to receive email.

On top of that, everyone in small business also thought it was so very cool to send emails instead of using the US Mail.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on marketing, we could  do the same work for just hundreds. It was a novelty and most everyone was playing.

Fast forward to 2009. What a difference a decade plus two yeas makes.

We have grown weary of email, SPAM is despised and information is coming at us all at the speed of electrons.

Everyone is overwhelmed by the massive amount of information that's sent to them every day.

Whenever new becomes old, it's time to make the old new again.

Hence the use of cards, letters and phone calls to express appreciation and thanks to our clients and prospects.

Think about how you communicated (or your parents communicated) before email. Now, apply those techniques today instead of just defaulting to email.

People appreciate receiving a heartfelt card. You'll receive  a call of thanks when you send one.

A phone call is welcome if the person you're calling gains value from the conversation.

An introductory letter has just under double the chance of being read than an email.

The statistics are:

15% of emails are ever read

27% of personal letters are opened and viewed

A whopping 98% of greeting cards are opened and appreciated.

When it comes to marketing, what's the best investment?