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10-Ways to Ensure You Never Make Sales and Go Broke Quickly

GoingBrokeWEB It’s really easy to fail in business today. All you have to do is:

1. Lack true passion for your work and offer.

2. Make sure all of your sales and marketing messages are focused only on your business and never on your buyer.

3. Stay busy doing anything but create new sales today.

4. Let the fear of prospecting keep you locked into your office checking emails, filing or doing other work that does not directly create revenue every day.

5. Have a sales attitude of hunting instead of farming.

6. Treat clients as a bother instead of a friend during the course of a project. NEVER make a next sale recommendation as the project progresses.

7. After making a sale and completing the project forget about your clients because you just don’t have time to care about them now that they spent their money with you.

8. Realize that you already have all the information you need. You just don't have time to expand your knowledge horizons.

9. Ask a knowledgeable person for business growth ideas but fail to follow their advice.

10. Decide NOT to use this list as a self reflection tool to see where you might be going off track.

American Idol; 100 Million Votes

Kris-allen-idol-0513 Talk about a buzz, word of mouth marketing machine and successful grassroots effort.

American Idol's grand finale show generated 100 Million Votes for the two final contestants.

It just proves that when you give people a reason to be passionate about something that's noteworthy, they will take it and run.

Something we can all learn from.

Give people remarkable, give them a cause to be a part of and they will respond and participate in kind.

Congratulations to the winner of American Idol, Kris Allen.

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Sales Advice from Jeffrey Fox

Jeff_fox Jeffrey Fox is one of my top five favorite business authors of all time. He writes books that are interesting, a quick read and serve as a concise plan on how to launch and maximize better sales and marketing strategies.

For example, in the content below, Jeffrey points out one of the top things business owners can do to thrive in recessionary times.

Jeffrey advises us to:

Arm your sales force. Invest in your rainmakers and up-and-coming rainmakers. Find and shape new rainmakers.

Give your rainmakers the means to flourish in this tough marketplace.

Give your rainmakers the best tools.

Train them to dollarize the values of your products and services, to sell money not features, especially when your customers are behaving more frugally than ever.

Teach them to pre-call plan, to do in depth needs analysis, and to ask customers for commitments that lead to orders.

Every share point your salesperson gains today will help your company survive. Every share point your sales force gains today will be worth much more when markets rebound.

Download the entire report and subscribe to Jeffrey’s newsletter.

Be sure to check out the many excellent books Jeffrey has written when you visit his Web site at

I highly recommend, How to Become a Rainmaker, How to Become a Marketing Superstar and How to Make Big Money in Your Own Small Business