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What’s Your Plan B

IStock_000008871201XSmall  What if on Monday morning you woke up and your small business or job was not longer viable. What would you do?

The answer to that question is what many call Plan B.

There is a lot of advice out there. People like Mark Victor Hansen have talked about having multiple streams of income. In today’s internet world, that’s become more possible than ever.

For example, my client Stacey Vornbrock has a company called Breakthrough Performance. She works with professional and top amateur athletes helping them turn performance blocks into breakthroughs.

Her Plan B is information products.

She wrote several step-by-step manuals and books on how to overcome blocks in life and offers them for sale online. She has a sports manual section as well as manuals for everyday people like you and me.

But information products are not the only way.

If you don’t want to take the hours and hours necessary to create these products, there are also affiliate programs that can become Plan B possibilities.

Companies like Send Out Cards, AWeber and TypePad all offer programs that can add income to your bottom line just by using the product and sharing it.

I like affiliate programs because the work is already done, you just have to promote.

When people like Mark Joyner creates a program as compelling and helpful as Simple.olgoy why not share it with other people who need it. I liked it, use it and share it because it works.

The secret to having a Plan B is find something you enjoy and have used successfully, become an affiliate or launch products of your own and offer them to likeminded people who will benefit from using them too.

Here’s a bonus advantage. Most people won’t build Plan B income streams.

They’ll panic if trouble hits instead. You have a distinct advantage knowing this information. Take advantage of it before you actually need to.