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The Law of Purposeful Vision

IStock_000003757797XSmall The Law of Purposeful Vision states that one person with a great idea can move the masses into action due to the strength of their personal creativity, passion and message.

While there may not be an “official” Law of Vision, it’s important to note that creative ideas, delivered with passion and conviction will move people to act.

Take a look at your business today. What is the vision you express to people you encounter?

Are you on a mission to make an impact or merely someone who is moving through the world offering goods or services, like most everyone else?

Your mindset is the difference. If you’re dedicated to adding value to improve the lives of others you can move mountains.

Or you can settle for [whatever you do for a living] and never be heard. The choice is up to each of us every day.

Sales and Marketing Results that Money Can’t Buy

HTM Logo2 It’s pretty obvious that money comes from a sales and marketing processes that work.

Marketing’s job is to attract interest. It can cost as little as $52 to as much as $10,000.00 or more every month. A wide dollar range but both will attract interest to an offer, just at different levels.

There are also marketing methods that money can’t buy.

I call these methods Human Touch Marketing. It starts by actually caring about another human being and expressing that care consistently.

Focusing on mutual value that creates positive outcomes in the lives of others is a key to business success today.

Sending the unexpected card, gift or other personal touch shows your thoughtfulness and desire to be of service to others. It goes a long way in creating a lasting brand impression.

Once you uncover the opportunity to assist someone you move into a Conscious Selling mode.

Conscious Selling starts when you create a value that enhances the life of someone else. Then you simply go on a mission to help a specific group of people gain what they want.

Whenever you are in a selling situation listen first, understand and make a personal, heartfelt recommendation. When you know deep inside that you can add value and create a positive impact you will never have to sell anything again.

Now that you have a client, caring is your best Client Relationships Management (CRM) strategy.

Follow up a week after a project is complete and again in a month. Make sure your client gained the value they expected.

Then stay in touch. Express appreciation, call, send cards, visit when appropriate, remember them at important times of the year, send information you think your client would find helpful and offer to help the people they know who need you.

When combined, Human Touch Marketing, Conscious Selling and caring as your best CRM strategy will build a business that feels good, creates strong and lasting relationships and generates referrals consistently.

If you stop and think about how many businesses make the effort to care (few) and how these ideas make people feel when treated this way (great) it’s easy to see that spending money is not really the point of marketing and sales. Building authentic relationships by caring about the results other people gain from your work is.

Go to Sleep; On Silk by Johnny G

JohnnyGLogoLoRes My client, celebrity hair stylist Johnny G shared a great tip today. Did anyone else know this?

Sleeping on silk is one of the best things you can do to enhance your beauty.

Silk is a natural protein fiber that is made up of 18 amino acids. These are the same building blocks found in your hair and skin. Silk has the same pH balance as well so it will help protect and maintain skin and hair moisture levels during the night.

Sleep on silk and you will actually wake up with fewer lines on your face. You'll also prevent the onset of wrinkles and your hair will be healthier and shinier.

Since we sleep half our lives away give yourself a gift every time you fall asleep.

You will wake up actually looking better. Your skin will have fewer lines. Your hair will be shinier. Sleeping on silk may even prevent the onset of wrinkles