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Do You Lack the Confidence to Sell Your Ideas

QuestionMark A few years ago, I had a client who was very reluctant to network, sell or promote his work. He would say, “I’m an introvert, we just don’t do those things well.”

Then, one day, he had the opportunity to do work he had always dreamed of doing. He struggled to do the day-to-day work he had been doing while he studied and became certified in this new endeavor.

Once he was ready to go, he began promoting his new work like crazy.

He was engaging and passionate about sharing and selling the value his new business model provided. It worked well; he made the transition from what he disliked to what he loved in a surprisingly short time.

What changed? Only his mindset.

He felt trapped in what he was doing and as a result did not want to promote it. Once he felt like he had a real value to share he did so with conviction.

If you’re finding that sales is a chore, it may not be a problem with selling as much as a problem with the work you are actually promoting.