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Your Sales Plan for the Second Quarter

IStock_000004705569XSmall Now that 2009 is firmly underway, let’s look at a few things you can do to build your sales volume in the second quarter.

I’m finding that over 85% of businesses are missing the basic steps listed below.

How does your business stack up?

Start by looking at your marketing message.

The story you tell lets others decide whether or not they want to know more about your offer. This is a vital step that is often overlooked.

Does your story speak from your businesses standpoint or that of your buyer? If it doesn’t address what your buyers want, it is probably getting blocked.

Look at how you attract people into your sales pipeline.

If you’re not educating and following up at seven to twelve times, you are missing important sales opportunities.

People have to know, like and trust you before they will do business with you.

Providing educational content allows your prospects to gain value from what you know before committing time to a sales discovery meeting.

Articles, white papers, informative videos, audios and eBooks are all great methods to provide educational content to open sales conversations.

If you are not able to create this type of content on your own, get the help you need. When you use this idea you'll lower marketing costs while increasing sales opportunities.

When you discover a sales opportunity, don’t stop connecting after the second or third attempt, like the majority of businesses do.

Develop a plan that allows you to keep in touch with qualified and interested prospects seven to twelve times.

Make sure you’re not blowing sales during your sales meetings.

When a prospect agrees to a sales meeting it is because they feel you may be able to solve their challenge.

Care enough about your prospect to actively listen and take notes. Ask questions so you understand their challenge completely.

Offer your solution only after understanding what your prospect wants to gain.

Once you have a new client ensure they are happy.

Plan to contact your new client one week after project completion. Then follow up again in a month to make sure everything is still on track.

After that, deliver value at least once a month.

Keep educating, remember important days, show your clients you appreciate them by sending thoughtful cards and gifts.

Call, share articles of interest and make sure you are connected with your clients on social media sites if they use them.

To grow you sales in the second quarter, all it takes is to focus on the basics, be aware and maintain an attitude of genuine caring to ensure you stay in touch.