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Personal Development Also Develops Cash Flow

IStock_000008106300XSmall I know that you are very busy these days. Running like a crazy person most days. Working on so many important things you feel like you can’t take on any more.

If you’re like the majority of small business owners, you’re overlooking a very important cash flow development tool.

That tool is consistent personal development.

Personal development can be anything that expands your thinking, provides new ideas and gives you new action steps to follow in making your business and life work better, with less stress.

The secret to making the most of personal development information is easy to understand.

All you have to do is take in new information. Develop one or more steps you’ll follow in putting that information into action and follow through consistently.

After integrating one idea into your business and life, move on to the next idea. All of these concepts will expand your thinking and get you moving in a new or different direction.

The key is to use one idea before taking in more.

This takes discipline. It’s fun to take in new ideas; they feel great.

It’s not always easy to put those ideas into action because they generally involve change. As we all know, change can be challenging if looked at as tedious.

I recommend spending fifteen to thirty minutes each day in realizing your personal development goals. That short time can make a big difference to both your business and your life.

You can find the time by:

  • Starting your day thirty minutes earlier. I like to use the mornings as my personal development time.
  • Ending your day thirty minutes later.
  • Using half of your lunch hour as personal development time.
  • Taking thirty minutes before you go to bed as personal development time.

The point is everyone has time. Whether you chose to use it or not is a personal decision you have to make for yourself.

Here's a tremendous personal development opportunity.

For my readers in Phoenix, AZ, there is a very unique personal development program coming on March 30th.

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Jeff fagin Jefff Jeff Fagin is a good friend, mastermind member, self made man and the Money Master.

Of all the people I know, when Jeff speaks about money and money resources, I listen.

One thing that Jeff is SKY HIGH about is his long time friend, T. Harv Eker coming to Phoenix to present the Wealthy Warrior Seminar on March 30th.

Jeff even set up a Web site so he could reach more people and give away hundreds of tickets to this event.

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T. Harv Eker events tend to sell out quickly. Let's face it, we all want  to know how to succeed during tough financial times. T. Harv Eker has answers.

Simple Marketing Consistency

TimeMgrIcon When it comes to marketing, consistency is the key. The problem is, who has time?

If you understand that marketing is the step that attracts leads into your sales pipeline, it suddenly becomes much more important. Make marketing a priority.

Here are simple ways to remain consistent with your marketing efforts.

Schedule 30-minutes for marketing activities every day. Use that time accomplish one marketing step.

Automate your marketing efforts. Even direct mail and consistent client contact can be automated.

Segment your list of prospects and clients into niches and communicate to each group separately.

Blog to share your ideas, information and knowledge. Then tell your audience (clients and interested prospects) that you have information up, using a tool like AWeber.

Call two clients every work day. Ask how they are doing. Find out the impact your work had on them. Ensure they are happy. Find out who else you should be talking to that they know.

Simple and easy things to do that can be done in 30-minutes or less. Do it and watch your anxiety decrease while sales increase.

Of course, if just don't have the time or expertise to accomplish this, hire someone to do it for you.