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What sales prospecting method is most effective for you?

Conninew I'm a new member of a Linked In group that discusses prospecting. It's headed up by Connie Kadansky, a thought leader in prospecting and exceptional sales performance.

Today the question was, "What prospecting method is most effective for you?"

In considering it, I always follow the idea that you have to turn strangers into friends and friends into raving fans to make sales and keep clients.

I keep that in mind when prospecting. I pick a niche. Create a value that enhances the lives of others. Develop a compelling offer and give people in the niche a call to see if they are looking for the value.

When they are, we make friends and they become a client. When they become a client I work hard to make them raving fans through superior results, service and care. Then I keep in touch and offer to help them further. Now the fan often continues to do business with me and also helps me make new friends. The cycle continues.

One other secret that keeps me motivated -- I keep track and have a quota of NO's to hear every week. It really helps to keep prospecting results high.

How about you? Leave a comment and  share your most effective sales prospecting method.