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A Sales Idea from Guerrilla Marketing Worth Noting

Jay I receive Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing newsletter every week. It’s always filled with great advice and practical applications using Guerrilla Marketing tactics.

This week was especially notable.  The headline asked, “Are You Scaring Your Prospects?”

“Good question,” I thought.

The article went on to talk about consistent and effective follow up and educating and providing value. Nothing too scary yet.

Point # 3 was most interesting. It said, “#3: Share your personality. In your communication with your prospects AND customers, you need to be authentic. With so many choices, consumers want to deal with someone they feel they know and can trust. The more "real" you are with your prospects the more likely they are to buy from you.”

I loved it. Authentic action and communication made the list.

In writing, being yourself and writing like you talk is the answer.

The same holds true in sales. Be yourself. Communicate from your heart. Listen and find out what your prospect needs from your service or product.

The sales mantra in 2009 is; be real, be yourself and listen.

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More Tools from Twitter


Over the past month that I've used Twitter, I've found a lot of tools to use with it. It's interesting that when something takes off a lot of ideas emerge to support it.

One such tool is called TweetDeck. It allows you to use Twitter from your desktop without actually going online.

Another tool, which I just found yesterday, is called TwitterGetter. It helps to build your Twitter following to reach more people who may be interested in the conversations and ideas you're sharing.

So far, Twitter has produced modest sales and blog visit results for me personally. I'll keep you posted on what kind of results I get from using some of these tools.

Overall with Twitter, I enjoy seeing what other people I follow are sharing and hope they enjoy my ideas as well.

It's visibility that is much more predictable than conventional advertising.

The challenge is, like advertising, frequency rules and it takes consistent, authentic human touch interaction with like minded people to work.

Learn Twitter to Increase Sales and Save $10

N713319008_6773 My friend Dave Barnhart, owner of Business Blogging Pros, is conducting a very worthwhile seminar that can be a tremendous help to small business owners.

His program is called Learning Twittter.

It will help any small business owner learn to use Twitter as a serious marketing tool that will generate better quality sales leads and deepen client relationships.

Dave points out that Twitter is the fastest and easiest way to:

  • Promote and build awareness of your brand.
  • Build name recognition and goodwill.
  • Stay top-of-mind with your past, present, and future customers.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your industry.
  • Monitor your public image

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Use promo code CWTS when you enroll and receive a $10 discount on your registration. Only $39 for readers of this blog.

Check it out and enroll today.

Twitter is just another way that creative business strategies can reduce marketing costs while increasing sales.