Learn Twitter to Increase Sales and Save $10
A Sales Idea from Guerrilla Marketing Worth Noting

More Tools from Twitter


Over the past month that I've used Twitter, I've found a lot of tools to use with it. It's interesting that when something takes off a lot of ideas emerge to support it.

One such tool is called TweetDeck. It allows you to use Twitter from your desktop without actually going online.

Another tool, which I just found yesterday, is called TwitterGetter. It helps to build your Twitter following to reach more people who may be interested in the conversations and ideas you're sharing.

So far, Twitter has produced modest sales and blog visit results for me personally. I'll keep you posted on what kind of results I get from using some of these tools.

Overall with Twitter, I enjoy seeing what other people I follow are sharing and hope they enjoy my ideas as well.

It's visibility that is much more predictable than conventional advertising.

The challenge is, like advertising, frequency rules and it takes consistent, authentic human touch interaction with like minded people to work.