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A Sales Idea from Guerrilla Marketing Worth Noting

Jay I receive Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing newsletter every week. It’s always filled with great advice and practical applications using Guerrilla Marketing tactics.

This week was especially notable.  The headline asked, “Are You Scaring Your Prospects?”

“Good question,” I thought.

The article went on to talk about consistent and effective follow up and educating and providing value. Nothing too scary yet.

Point # 3 was most interesting. It said, “#3: Share your personality. In your communication with your prospects AND customers, you need to be authentic. With so many choices, consumers want to deal with someone they feel they know and can trust. The more "real" you are with your prospects the more likely they are to buy from you.”

I loved it. Authentic action and communication made the list.

In writing, being yourself and writing like you talk is the answer.

The same holds true in sales. Be yourself. Communicate from your heart. Listen and find out what your prospect needs from your service or product.

The sales mantra in 2009 is; be real, be yourself and listen.

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