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What sales prospecting method is most effective for you?

Conninew I'm a new member of a Linked In group that discusses prospecting. It's headed up by Connie Kadansky, a thought leader in prospecting and exceptional sales performance.

Today the question was, "What prospecting method is most effective for you?"

In considering it, I always follow the idea that you have to turn strangers into friends and friends into raving fans to make sales and keep clients.

I keep that in mind when prospecting. I pick a niche. Create a value that enhances the lives of others. Develop a compelling offer and give people in the niche a call to see if they are looking for the value.

When they are, we make friends and they become a client. When they become a client I work hard to make them raving fans through superior results, service and care. Then I keep in touch and offer to help them further. Now the fan often continues to do business with me and also helps me make new friends. The cycle continues.

One other secret that keeps me motivated -- I keep track and have a quota of NO's to hear every week. It really helps to keep prospecting results high.

How about you? Leave a comment and  share your most effective sales prospecting method.

What Does it Take to Make Sales

IStock_000006046299XSmall It's no news that we are in the midst of an economic slowdown. Maybe even one of the worst in years.

The predominate thought in my mind is, "So what."

OK, I'm a rebel. But if you can show a prospect how your offering:

  • Makes them money
  • Saves them money
  • Improves efficiency

... they will still purchase.

BUT it takes one thing more, that we didn't need to worry about in the past.

That one tiny thing that can mean the difference between sale and no sale can be summed up in one word.


You have to nurture harder, prove results more frequently, add value to the conversation repeatedly, follow up consistently and on time.

Sales have not gone down as much as sales cycles have increased. Patience is the key.

The Three Secrets of Successful Small Business Marketing

IStock_000003241062XSmall In developing marketing and sales process programs for small businesses, I find there are three common mistakes most of my clients seem to make prior to working with me.

The first mistake stems from the idea that your marketing must talk about your business and what it does. It has to “Sell ‘em.”

The challenge is your clients and prospects don’t care about your business or what it does.

They only care about how your business can help them make money, improve productivity or decrease costs.

We also all realize that people like to buy but they don’t like to be sold. So marketing that is trying to ‘sell’ falls flat.

The only job of marketing is to attract interest. Your system of selling turns that attraction into money.

Marketing Success Secret # 1 is to only communicate ideas that your clients and prospects care about.

The next challenge is getting your marketing message heard.

Your clients and prospects are exposed to thousands of advertising and marketing messages every day. They have become experts at blocking marketing messages out.

What makes someone read one message and ignore 2,999 others?

They want to know more about the value of that one message because it speaks from the buyer’s point of view.

That means, don’t WOW me with your technical expertise and industry jargon.

Instead speak to your audience using THEIR words and ideas. Don’t try to change their mind. Show them you understand and care about their needs instead.

Marketing Success Secret # 2 is to speak (create copy, deliver your sales message) in the language your buyers and prospects use.

The final challenge is exposure.

I have a favorite greeting card I send to my clients and prospects once in a while. It talks about how many contacts it takes to make a sale. The card points out that 82% of all sales are made between the 7th and 12th contacts.

If you stop communicating after two or three touches, you’ll struggle to generate sales. Make your marketing touches frequent yet personal. Show that you understand your buyer and care about her results.

Be sure to mix the touches up. Think integrated or one marketing touch complimenting the next.

Email is fine if you’re delivering a regularly scheduled communication. But it’s not so great if you use it all the time.

Combine  phone calls, greeting cards, personal meetings, emails, invitations to special events, articles you’ve written, social media, create announcements of ideas you’re sharing, etc. They all combine to build trust and strengthen relationships.

Marketing Success Secret # 3 is mix up your marketing touches. Go integrated.

If you’ll talk about what clients care about, speak your buyer’s language and spread the word with integrated marketing touches, consistently, your sales opportunities will increase.

Then all you have to do is close the deal through whatever system of selling you’re using.