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The Tone of Your Marketing Conversations

IStock_000005349892XSmall When you communicate in a sales and marketing sense, you are in essence having a conversation with groups of people or individuals.

In all cases, the tone of that conversation establishes how successful your communication will be.

The goal is to make your tone conversational to engage the reader. Write like you speak is the mantra we’ve all be talking about for quite a few years.

Yet, we still see an unnatural corporate speak tone happen in sales, marketing and Web communications regularly.

In asking people who communicate this way why they do it, they tell me that “It sounds professional.”

Unfortunately, it also sounds unnatural, inhibits the building of trust and reduces credibility.

The reason is, the corporate conversational tone sounds stilted. It makes readers stop reading because, frankly, it’s pretty boring. It does not create communications that have the buyer (listener) in mind.

The best communication technique is to always project the true and authentic you. Write like you speak and speak in a way that feels natural to you.

Your message comes across in a more compelling way and readers respond better. After all, good response is what buyer-centric communication is all about.