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Forbes Calls Entrepreneurship a Career Path of Choice

IStock_000007859844XSmall According to Forbes magazine, becoming an entrepreneur is one of the more solid career choices you can make today.

Forbes points out the following benefits:

Recessions provide a great platform for those with a solid business idea.

Costs are low on everything from supplies to labor, and digital technologies make it easier than ever to work from home.

"There is a rock-solid base for expansion once better times return, as they inevitably will," reports Forbes.

When it comes to average salary, they report, earnings vary greatly, of course. With small business ownership, the sky's the limit.

The interesting thing is their ideas on training. The article points out an associates or bachelor’s degree in business is needed.

They miss the point of upgrading your sales skills and becoming solid with marketing that supports a sales effort as essential for running your own shop.

Let’s face it. Good jobs are scarce. Companies need to cut back. The most workable solutions may be to hire home based telecommuters as freelancers when needed.

Are we seeing a new definition of work emerging? I think so. How about you?