Good News for Home Based Business in 2009
Consider Reinventing Yourself

The Final To Do’s to Get Ready for a Breakthrough New Year

To Do List I see 2009 as being the year of direct sales.

In every business of every size imaginable, more sales is the buzzword. Cold lead generation is a skill that will reap tremendous benefits in 2009.

To Do # 1 – Develop a working strategy for daily cold sales lead generation. Keep your pipeline filled and create clear and focused next steps in every sales interaction.

Cold sales lead generation takes careful targeting to work. Who are the clients that: you enjoy working with most, gain the greatest value from your services and are true fans of you and your business?

To Do # 2 – Make a list of the existing clients that fit the criteria above, find out their SIC codes and use that data to target new prospects and potential sales opportunities.

If you have not leveraged the power of MEMEs in your brand, now is the time to upgrade. Make sure that you are proud of the image you’re portraying and your frequently hear "Tell me more about that," when people ask what you do.

To Do # 3 – Turn your existing logo into a MEME (workable if on a very tight budget) or upgrade your company image with a brand upgrade (best option) so that you can promote and sell successfully in 2009.

When you’re traveling, if you don’t have a map, you are lost most of the time. The same is true of sales. You must follow a written plan that includes:

  • Marketing to attract qualified leads

  • A system of selling that converts attraction into revenue at least 1-in-5 times

  • A client relationship management (CRM) program that creates more sales and generates referrals consistently throughout the year.

To Do # 4 – Develop a complete sales process as outlined above.

As the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” If you did nothing with any of these other ideas, To Do # 5 will be a strong starting point most of your competitors will miss.

To Do # 5 - Develop at least one marketing touch per month for existing clients.

Next, create at least seven touches for prospects that have given you permission to follow up but you have not closed yet.

Run the entire seven to twelve touches over a six to eight week period with every sales opportunity you discover.