An Economy of the People and By the People
Send a Card to a Soldier This Holiday Season

How to Make Money by Caring

HeartLowRes The fact is small and micro businesses that do well in tough economic times are those that are consistently using personal and relevant marketing touches followed by a well thought direct sales process to drive business growth.

The most affordable tactic to use is consistently demonstrating that you genuinely care about your existing clients and the prospects you can help most.

It’s easy to show clients and prospects you have their best interests in mind. Here are a few ideas:

Call, write (not email) or have lunch or coffee with every client on your list monthly.

Find out how they are doing. Talk about their successes.  Share a story and a word of encouragement. Then ask how you can best support them in their business.

Touch new, qualified prospects at LEAST 12-times over the course of sixty days.

Start by having the mindset of qualifying people out as quickly as you can when you prospect for new sales opportunities.

For the people who are qualified and interested in the value you provide, provide new ideas that can help them reach their goals consistently. Be an outstanding provider of relevant information.

Set clear and focused follow up times when asked to call back.

Call and leave a message if your prosepect is not there and follow up your message with a written communication.

Send an eBook (that you are allowed to share) or a print book you enjoyed. Send a greeting card, post card, thoughtful gift or other marketing touch that educates. This 'live touch' process can even be automated.

Sharing your knowledge demonstrates that you care about the outcome people in your market niche gain. Your goal is to be an information catalyst to your clients and prospects.

In today’s economic climate, caring enough to share the value you’ve created is your most profitable business building tactic.

The catch is you have to really be passionate about wanting to help your fellow human beings gain what they want in their business and life.