Send a Card to a Soldier This Holiday Season
Qualify People Out to Increase Sales

Follow Your Feelings to Make More Sales

IStock_000006750220XSmall Recently, I attended a weekend seminar. I almost didn't go, but I had a feeling that it would be a good idea to attend. 

I arrived at the last minute to find about 500 people in a large hotel ballroom.

I generally like to sit toward the front, but unfortunately, I arrived at the 11th hour and had to sit about half way back.

Sitting in between two groups of women, one of the ladies on my right asked, "What do you do?"

I told her I was a commercial writer and sales process strategist. Then asked, "How about you?"

It turned out she was in the HR business and needed copy for a new Web site written.

We exchanged cards, I followed up the next week and we began a buyer-centric Web copy project. All because I had the 'feeling' that I should attend this event, even though I was a bit resistant to going the day of.

Follow those feelings and see remarkable things happen in your life more often than not.